No matter how great your costume looks, the transformation is not complete until you accessorise it and we have the biggest range of costume accessories in the region - wigs, moustaches, beards, eyelashes, teeth, noses, glasses, tights, props, feather boas, wings, tutus, leg-warmers, bustle pants, petticoats and jewellery. Dressing up gives the excuse to be outrageously silly, sexy, horrifying or to take the occasion very seriously and replicate yourself as a character from History, Science Fiction or Hollywood.

You can become anyone you want to be for a night or a day after a visit to our store. Our staff are always delighted to help you find the perfect outfit. We have two large fitting rooms so there’s no need for guesswork about fit, style or appearance.

No costume is complete without accessories

And we have lots of them

Weapons, Glasses, Moustaches, Gloves, etc