Nativity Costumes

If you are wondering what costumes to wear for this Christmas holidays, check out our nativity costumes. They are available for men, women and children. There are so many nativity characters that you can take on such as Christ, Sheppard, Mary, etc. Look into our catalogue of exciting Christmas nativity costumes to find one that is suitable for you. For example, if you decide to dress as Mary, your costume will consist of a blue dress, matching headpiece and star decoration.

The entire costume will be in organza, which will give it that beautiful, flowing look. Yet another popular costume is that of Angel Gabriel. The costume is a single piece dress. White in color, it can be easily slipped over the head. It comes with wire-framed wings, headband and a decorated halo. This costume is sure to draw everyone’s attention to you. Other costumes that you can consider are Rabbit, Pig, Lamb etc 

Nativity Costumes for Adults & Kids

We have an extensive collection of nativity costumes, so you can be sure of finding one that is suitable for you in terms of size and budget. If you wanted a particular character, you can be sure of finding it with us. We make our costumes with high quality material so that they are very comfortable to wear. Embellishments are used to enhance the costume’s look. We stock only the most popular nativity costumes so that customers can get exciting items that are sure to make them look attractive. Stitched to perfection they are easy to wear.

Our adorable nativity costumes for adults are just the thing you need to dress up for fancy dress parties, plays and fun get-togethers. We also have costumes for kids and even babies. Our nativity costumes for babies and small children are absolutely adorable and will make your young one look simply fantastic. All orders are shipped to your location in the shortest possible time.