Personalised Christening Candles


personalised candles

We known the momentous event for every parent is the first step of bringing spirituality in life of their young ones by performing baby christening. This is the major event for every family. The importance lies in ceremony and rituals to make it a memorable moment ever after. The sacred element for this event is christening candles. People have the tradition of treasuring these candles for future and they try and explore the range of personalised christening candles for gracing the occasion with heavenly blessings. So, glorify your baby’s first grand occasion with large option of christening candles, decorations and cakes available with us. 


The christening candles with us are specially designed keeping the child in view. Some of the options for the candle theme and decorations are:

The Cross: It the universal pictogram of Christ's purity and love. The front of the candle is adorned with silver or golden cross. This symbol is cherished by everybody body around and this is perfect for the baptism as there is wonderful meaning attached to it. You can find the cross image in different beautiful sizes and shapes of candles. The cross theme for christening party, invitations, and décor will incorporate blissful image of almighty God. 

Baby Angels: This theme of baby angels christening candles is a true depiction for your real angel. These angels ponder the innocence, joy and warmth for your baby and guests. To make it personalised candle, we add wording and images as per your necessity. 

Girl and Boy: Depending on the gender of your baby you can choose from the bunch of christening candles designed specifically for girls and boys. 

Noah’s Ark: The candles under this theme are crafted with posy, miniature animals, birds, fishes or any other character of bile tale for children. 

Cartoon: With more of Disney influence in every childhood story we decided to create special Disney cartoon candles for christening ceremony. These candles add colour, style and fun to your baby’s first blissful occasion. 

Poise the religious journey of your new little love with loads of wonder, joy and fragrance spread around with our artistic and aromatic christening candles. Create a theme and treasure that in the pictures of your baby’s millstone achievement book. Let them cherish and enjoy the moments you created for them. Also select few christening favours for your guests from the collection of candles created by us and help your guests feel their presence really added to the occasion, blessings and love for your baby.