Christening cake decorations


Apart from evergreen traditional christening cakes we bake other varieties of cakes with creative and colourful decorations. Some parents like to choose classic cake decorations and few like to explore the modern contemporary taste with latest christening cake decorations. Traditional decorations of cake are not ruled out by contemporary trends but they broaden the range of colours, shape, flavours, toppers, decorations and display for incorporating adventure and fun in the celebrations. We lay emphasis over the quality, freshness and delivery of best christening cakes. We follow suitable colour trends for your kids, beyond regular white, baby pink and blue are the colours in demand. Maintaining white as the main colour with turquoise for boys and mauve for your girls are the latest accents. You also have the liberty to pick from more colourful rainbow theme, bright colour brilliant theme and other sculpted themes. 

Check out our gallery for assortment of inventive cake creations.

Fruit cake: This remains to be traditional cake for christening and other ceremonies. The fruit cakes are seasoned with your favourite fruit or basket of fruits. They are made with chocolate, almond and sponge base cakes and textured with snowy fruit cream or single essence cream. 

Tower cake: Since christening is the first grand ceremony for your baby you prefer not to compromise on the guest list. The large numbers of guests invite tower cake which is stacked up with several layers of cake and finished with christening cake decorations. We offer different shapes like cube, rectangle, round, hexagon and many more. 

Cup cake: If you plan to celebrate the occasion in the outskirts of the city cup cakes will be a better option than any huge cake as they are easy to carry and transport, arrange and serve the guests. It is a pleasant dessert with beautiful style and icing. Cup cakes are decorated with Winnie the Pooh, baby rabbit, baby rattle, building blocks, teddies or flowers. 

Any type of the christening cake can be made look good with our cake toppers and cake decorations. Some of the options are:

Flower posy, cuddly teddies, letters spelling name of the baby, butterflies studded with jewels, traditional booties, infant lounging, a castle of princess, fantasy characters , racing bikes and care, Toys overflowing the toy box, toy train ,frilly baby gown cake , Barbie doll cake ,Spiderman and batman 2D and 3D structures and Baby sleeping in cradle. 

Star, circle, hearts, moon, sun and colourful ribbons are also very attractive options to pick from. Our team of professionals manage every small details with great efforts. They have expertise in designing frills, embroideries and other contemporary textures. We believe in elegance and playful effect in our cake decorations.