No party outfit is complete without a hat. Depending on the time of year, Celebrate It have hats to suit every occasion and every event. Choose from a large selection of Witches hats for Halloween, Santa’s Hats for Christmas and huge Green hats for St Patrick’s Day.

Wear a broad Mexican Sombrero on your next Stag Night or a tiny Fascinator Hat on your Hen Night. Choose from Rasta Hats with Dreds, Graduation Hats or a Sultan’s Crown, Army Helmets, Aussie Hats, a Fez or a Pirate’s black hat.

Our range of costume hats is very extensive, look no further for your Bowler, a Stetson, a Top Hat or an Indian Headdress - we’ve got them all.


We have hats for all occasions

Top Hats, Bowlers, Stetsons, Captain Hats, etc

Add a hat to any costume to complete the look