Women's Fancy Dress Wigs

Idea for women


Planning to dress up for a costume party and not sure about what to wear? Well, look no further, we and our designers have planned a lot for your fancy dress. Come explore celebrateit for funny, stylish and whimsical fancy dress ideas for women and couple fancy dresses for lovebirds. Dressing up for a party will be extra fun with your partner with our his-and-her collection, both of you will be complementing each other. You can impersonate legendary couples from history, cartoon or films. We have vast and tremendous choices to explore which are unique and creative. 

You can browse through the collection, which is ideal for any fancy dress party and we are sure you will definitely bear that admiring, idolizing look of your party character. You are going to add fun and excitement to the party with your attire. 

So choose one from many, for your fancy dress:

Batman and Cat Woman: These are the all time favourite characters. Dressing up in this costume is perfect for the couples who love to wear tight-fitting suits and are crazy about being super heroes. In this same theme you can find costumes for characters like Superman and superwoman, etc. 

Jack Sparrow and a Girl Pirate: This is a typical pirate dress and men are very fond of being the quirky and mysterious jack sparrow accompanied by a beautiful pirate girl. 

Napoleon and Josephine: They are a very famous couple in history. Dominated by the looks of great conqueror Napoleon and loving Josephine we created French leader costume. 

Tarts & Vicars: This is classic fancy attire comprising of short skirts, heels and fishnets. 

Uniforms: You can choose from many available uniforms like, school girl and boy, sailor, fireman, nurse and airhostesses. Usually you can select these fancy dresses for hen and stag nights. 

Filmstar: Add Hollywood drama to the party and be your favourite film star. We customize these dresses as per individuals. It can be Fred Flintstone, Shrek, Fiona, Star Wars characters or any other, you pick we design. 

Cowboy look: You can decide to wear classic theme of cowboy look with your checked shirt, denim, hat and cowboy boots teamed with toy weapons. 

Heaven and hell: Go dirty with devil and spread innocence with angel look of yours. 

Fancy dress ideas for women- An exclusive collection:

Sailor Girl: Jump into the costume of sexy sailor girl. This look is fun, sassy and playful when clubbed with a toy gun. Try out the sexy blue short skirt and white leggings with sailor style white shirt and complete the picture with hat. 

Vampire temptress: This is an outfit of sexy evil dressed up in lots and lots of black, loud red make up and vampire teeth. It is perfect for Halloween. 

Queen of Hearts: Very famous character of Alice in wonderland dressed in extravagant costume lavish colours and royal skirt enhanced with special characteristic make up. 

Fairy Fancy Dress: Fantasy fairy has always been fun to dress up in. Wear a little colourful fairy dress, a pair of sings that fly out behind you and sexy tights. And don't miss the fairy wand and fairy dust –to cast your magic. 

Dorothy: It is the supreme lady's costumes of all time, may it be for children or for women, and the madness is alike for Dorothy the character from the Wizard of Oz. Sky blue dress, red shoes and picnic basket make her a recognizable figure. So get noticed as Dorothy. 

60s Hippie Girl: The most fun promising is the hippie girl gear of sixties. Wear on the crazy tight shirts and psychedelic skirts. Get ready to be the queen of the party. Choose from our almost inexhaustible range of costumes and you are guaranteed to be the toast of the party.