Wigs are a very defining attribute when dressing in character. A Judges or a Clowns wig immediately indicates the character. Browse our extensive range of wigs and choose the right one for your ‘Dress Up’ personality – become a 60’s Beetle or wear a Mr T like Black Mohican. Join Robin in Sherwood with a Friar Tuck hairpiece.

Pick either a White Wizard or a Grey Wizard wig, wear a Father Ted hair-piece or try a full beard and hair ‘Hippy Wig’, a frizzy Einstein, Powdered Georgian Curls or a Nordic full hair and plaited beard style. Women’s styles include Silver Tinsel, Braided Hippy, 80’s Pop Wig. Choose from Long or Bobbed, Pink or Green, Curley or Straight hair. Become Cher, Tina Turner or Maria Antoinette with a wig to suit, the list is almost endless.

Wigs come in white / silver, blonde, brown, red, pink, green, blue, purple and multicoloured and some with just a few strands to disguise the bald crown and some massive Afro styles. Browse our huge range of wigs for men and women online or in our store.


We have all kinds of styles and colours

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