Women Christmas Costumes

Christmas is party season and everyone loves to dress up and look their best. Let your fun side out this festive season by choosing one of our fantastic Mrs Santa Outfits. We have a great selection of Mrs Claus costumes and fancy accessories to complete the outfits. We have the largest selection of Christmas costumes for adults in the region and you are sure to leave our store with an outfit to delight.

Sexy Christmas Costumes for Ladies

We have a fabulous collection of sexy outfits for women including Flirty Little Elf, Santa’s Little Helper, Miss Claus and Christmas Cutie. Browse our outfits to see for yourself and don’t forget to view the great accessories.

Women’s Christmas Costume Ideas

Browse our online shop for ideas for your Christmas outfit, notice there are many other outfits if you don’t wish to be confined to the traditional styles associated with the festive season. They come in a range of sizes and you are bound to find the perfect costume for your mood and purpose.

Christmas Costume Ireland

We are not a faceless entity, if you have any queries do not hesitate to call us, we are based in SE Ireland with a retail outlet in Kilkenny and we are always delighted to hear from our customers or help them out if they have a query on any of our costumes at Christmas or any time of the year. 

Go ahead, complete your purchase now with the assurance that you are dealing with real people or if you have a query, just call us – we’re delighted to assist.

Women's Costumes

Have you been Naughty or Nice?

Well with these sassy Christmas Outfits you can be both