Tights, Stockings, Leg Warmers & Bootcovers

Little things like Tights, Leg-warmers, Stockings etc help to make the fancy dress outfit complete.

Checkout our fantastic range of Neon Coloured and Striped Leg Warmers to see the effect they can have on even the simplest outfit. Our Striped and Fishnet Tights and Above the Knee Striped Stockings add a sexy element to all styles.

French Maid outfits are not complete without our great Sexy Maid Stockings. Choose from Furry Boot Covers in Neon Colours for that Disco Party or simply pick plain white and no Fancy Dress Clown Outfit is complete without a great pair of Clown Shoe Covers.

Tights, Stockings, Leg Warmers & Bootcovers

Keep your legs warm with any of these 

We have all kinds of crazy patterns and bright colours

Full tights, thigh high hold ups, fluffy leg warmers and bootcovers