Stag Night

In Celebrate It we have aisles of costumes both fun and risqué to help you enter into the mood of ‘boys on a stag night’. It’s the Best Man’s roll to help organise the party and especially to introduce a few little surprises during the night or over the weekend.

Ideas for a fun stag night could include suggestive costumes and accessories. A mankini is always an option in warm weather and we even have flesh coloured skins to wear under them if the weather is less favourable. Female impersonator costumes are very popular on stag nights as are full cowboy outfits including hats.

Every best man has access to the groom’s family and a means of getting embarrassing photos which we are only delighted to imprint onto t-shirts while personalising others for each member of the party.

Wigs, hats, beards and moustaches are always popular for the party to end all parties. We have lots of daring games and accessories suitable for the night such as handcuffs, bull whips, inflatable instruments, inflatable animals, and inflatable dolls.

Glasses and personalised caps are very popular for the less wild parties. Make it a night to remember even if you are so drunk you forget!

Let the girls dream of the perfect Wedding Day you and the boys just want to have fun on the Stag Night,

Here we have helpful bits and bobs to help you make a fool out of the Groom to be, because thats what a Best Man is for!

We can Personalised T-Shirts and supply funny Costumes for any amount of stags!

So make it a night to remember even if you are so drunk you forget!