Piñatas are a papier-mâché shaped hollow container with a concealed opening that can be filled with sweets, toys or a combination of both.

At some stage during the party the piñata is suspended within reach of the guest of honour who is then blindfolded and given a piñata beater. When blindfolded they are turned around about three times to confuse them as to the direction of the piñata. They beat about while blind-folded with the beater until they make contact with the piñata and they then continue to beat it until they succeed in bursting it open and it looses its contents.

They are a fun decoration for any party novel idea for some party fun. Celebrate It have piñatas for every occasion and seasonal party, for children and adults. They come with Disney Cartoon characters, birthday number shapes and there is one for any party theme including Hollywood, Pirates, Hawaiian, Jukebox, Fire-engine, Cat, Treasure Chest, Pumpkin and many more. There are ones for Halloween, Christmas, Anniversary Celebrations and Hen Parties.

When buying a piñata, it’s a good idea to also buy a piñata beater and a blindfold.

Sweets and toys can be gathered and placed in Loot Bags for children to take with them when they leave to go home.

Try some fun with a piñata at your next party.

Piñatas are a fun and entertaining way to decorate a party and also a great activity for kids and adults! Simply fill your piñata with your filling of choice, be it sweets, toys, or hen night items, and let your guests bash away!

Everything from Princess', Pirates, Spiderman, even Chillis and Handbags.

Pinatas are a simple and fun way to play at any party.