Moustaches, Beards & Eyelashes

You can change your character completely with a little or even a lot of facial hair. Celebrate It have the largest stock of costume moustaches, beards, Eyebrows and Eyelashes in the region. You can almost complete disguise yourself with some of our moustache / beard combinations.

With very little effort you can become a character from a Wild West movie, a famous General or even Santa Clause. Ladies you can become the centre of attention with Eyelashes in Black, Multi-coloured and even Polka Dots.

We also have Theatrical Hair and Temporary Tattoos to complete the look. Shop online or browse our collection in person.

Moustaches and Beards

Does your costume require facial hair?

And you can't grow it fast enough (or at all)

Well these self adhesive Moustaches and Beards are ideal

We have a great range of fake Moustaches and Beards for every occasion

Halloween, Fancy Dress, etc