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Themed parties give men of all ages the excuse to dress up or even dress down – depending on the theme. They can be outrageous or tame, bright and colourful – especially parties with a sporting, military or fantasy theme.

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Epic 1950’s Costumes, Sixties, Back to the Eighties!
Cowboys & Indians and Uniforms.

Celebrate It is the ‘fancy dress costume shop’ for men and women with a customer service team online and in the shop who will help you find the perfect outfit for the occasion. You can make any town ‘party city’ on the night of your party and you can co-ordinate your styles with your friends or simply get themed party ideas in our online store. We ship within 24 hours and shipping is free for orders over €50.

We have accessories for every fancy costume at affordable prices so there’s no excuse why your party shouldn’t rock and even shock.

Men Halloween Costumes

Halloween brings out the child in everybody and grown up men are no different. Men’s Halloween costumes have become quite popular. With the ever increasing number of adults participating in the festivities, one can state for a fact that men also want the most unique or spookiest adults Halloween costumes. Over time Halloween costumes for adults and especially ghost costumes for men have undergone some changes with the new age ones being made of sturdier materials and scarier. Men are also experimenting with their Halloween look. They are increasingly looking for options like sexy men’s Costumes. Scary Men costumes are also gaining popularity. There are many ways how a man may dress up and project himself during Halloween, the sky is the limit at CelebrateIt. One can also see a good amount of demand for funny Halloween costumes


Pick up scary Men’s costumes online


One can find scary Men’s Halloween costumes online at CelebrateIt costume shop. One can easily pick up and choose from a number of Halloween costumes and accessories available at the online store. If you are looking to find the most unique of costumes to impress upon your peers, you can easily find the same at CelebrateIt. People looking for cheap costumes will also be satisfied as the price range is quite decent to say the least. One can make a bargain purchase online and have their Halloween costumes delivered to their homes.  

Do you want to be the centre of attention this Halloween? Then look no further we have a great selection of Horror Halloween Costumes for men. You are guaranteed to stand out in a crowd with any of our Halloween Costumes. We have everything from Spooktacular Ghosts, Blood Thristy Vampires and even some whimsical options like "Down for the Count". So whether you want to howl at the moon or eat brains we got you covered.


It's that spooktacular time of year again!! So get ready for the Tricks and Treats 

With our great range of scary and fun costumes for you to choose from,

Costumes to freak out your friends & Family and funny ones to get the crowd laughing with (or at) you!!



Complete any costume with a mask

We have eye masks, full face masks, latex, plastic, etc

                Animal faces, scary faces, pretty faces and more