Jewellery and Collars

Costume jewellery has a whole different meaning when you shop in Celebrate It. This is cheap and cheerful and designed to accompany various costumes in the store or to embellish a home assembled outfit to make it complete.

Choose from Flapper Headbands, Feather Boa’s, Police Badges, Blood Drip Necklaces and Hawaiian Flower Sets. You will find Doctors Stethoscopes, Braces, Fake Cigars, Pearl Necklaces, EyePatches and even Balls & Chains to make your outfit complete.

Just add an Egyptian Collar and Belt over your own clothes to become a middle eastern ruler, the choices are endless. Let your imagination run wild, bling your costume or yourself to be the centre of the party.

Jewellery and Collars

Add a bit of glam to your costume

With our great range of Jewellery and Collars

For all occassions Including

Halloween, Christmas, Fancy Dress, etc