Inflatables Hen and Stag Night

No hen party, stag night or wedding party is complete without its share of inflatable gadgets. They vary from musical instruments to plastic sheep and inflated husbands, fruit, weapons and tools.

They are a make believe bit of fun and are great for photographs, especially when used together with wigs and glasses.

Imagine somebody wearing an Elvis wig and glasses and belting out Jailhouse Rock into an inflatable microphone or a black knitted cap and an inflatable guitar imitating The Edge. These are moments to record on camera for future use.

Inflatable wife and inflatable husband are always good on a hen or stag night or if you want to look the complete yuppie why not take your calls on an inflatable 40cm mobile phone complete with protruding aerial or if you want to rock the night away try an inflatable boom-box.

Weapons and tools such as swords, hammers and rifles make for great photos while everybody is waiting for the music to begin.

No hen night is complete without an inflatable willie and why not bring a plastic banana along just for good measure. You can buy all these in our store or online and have them delivered to your home in time for the party.

Inflatables and fun go together - everyone loves an occasional good blow-up and we have a huge collection in Celebrate It.

Whether you are going on a naughty or classy hen night there’s inflatable items to suit your taste. Play music on a blown-up guitar or listen to it on an air-filled radio. Choose from tools such as hammers or weapons such as swords and guns.

Inflatables are easy to pack and easy to carry when going on a Hen / Stag Night / Weekend and bring some harmless fun to the event. You can buy online with delivery to any address or you can shop in store.


Everyone enjoys a good blow up!!

We have all kinds of Inflatable items

Guitars, Swords, Husbands, Sheep & more

The perfect addition to any event

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