Halloween Accessories

Halloween accessories come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. Choose a ‘Blood Drip’ necklace or tortuous talons, Vampire Fangs or a Witch Hat with hair attached. Use Glitter Hair Spray or try a Devil Wig with Horns.

We have Orange Halloween Tights, ones splattered in Blood pattern and ones with a Skeleton Pattern. 

Choose Bat Wings or Halloween Bloody Weapons, Pointed Ears, Devil Horned hair-bands and don’t forget to check out our masks – Latex, hard masks and pretty sequined masks.

Whether you are a Vampire, a Witch, a Ghoul or a Walking Dead we have accessories to complete your outfit. No costume is complete without accessories

And we have lots of them MasksWeapons, Glasses, Moustaches, Gloves, etc

Here we have all the ghastly bits you need to complete your Halloween Costume

Devil Horns & Pitchforks, Monster teeth & Ears

Spooktaular accessories for a freakishly good look!