Gift Boxes and Gift Bags

There is little point in creating a most beautiful gift if you are going to spoil the effect by wrapping it poorly. You can make a beautiful gift even more acceptable and it will be more appreciated if it’s presented with care and attention. Even a simplest gift can be enriched by the addition of a little tissue paper and a suitable gift bag or gift box.

Imagine a pair of socks – simple. Get them personalised for father’s day with something like ‘Best Dad’ and present them, tissue wrapped in a suitably sized box. This displays thoughtfulness and effort. The same applies for any gift.

You will find gift bags and gift boxes for every occasion including holy communion, confirmation, new baby, etc. We have simple plain bags, polka dots and striped bags with handles and packs of patterned bags for kiddies post party loot bags.

We have boxes small enough for a single sweet or large enough for a garment. There are boxes for bottles, tall boxes that close like an envelope and stacks of matching boxes.

Browse through our beautiful organza pouches and our miniature handbag shaped perforated boxes. Whatever size your gift is – we can bag or box it in style.

Gift Boxes

If you are like us and hate the awkwardness of wrapping paper you'll love these pretty Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes are a simple and easy way to present any gift.

Perfect for Birtdays, Weddings, Hen Nights, etc