Fake Noses, Teeth & Ears

Fake Noses, Teeth & Fangs, Tails, Ears and appendages of all types can be found on the shelves of Celebrate It.

Try a rubber Duck Beak or an elongated Witches nose to see the effect, apply some face-paint and the transition is complete. No animal costume is complete with tail, ears or horns as appropriate and no self-respecting elf would appear outdoors with his Pointed Ears.

Check out our great Clown’s Noses or add Vampire Fangs at Halloween and we even have Fake Vomit for your Grotesque Pet. We are the one stop shop for all your Fancy Dress needs.

Fake Noses & Teeth

What better way to change your appearance

Than with a rubber nose or fake teeth?

All different shapes and styles