Children Christmas Costumes

Best Christmas Costumes For Toddlers

Children usually know exactly what they want in a costume – the problem is often to find the exact outfit they require. The great advantage of a costume store as large as ours, is that you are more than likely to find exactly what your child has asked for, no matter how strange. We are stocked full of great Christmas costumes for kids.

We have wonderful traditional children’s Santa outfits in all sizes and we also have a gorgeous Miss Santa dress with white trimmings, a black belt and little puff sleeves.

Equally popular are those outfits worn by Santa’s little helpers – the elves. Kid’s elf costumes always sell out quickly. They come in traditional green and red with a pixie type hat. There are girl’s elf costumes with striped pants and boy’s elf costumes in red and blue for those who want a change from tradition. However,these can be worn by either gender.

Children’s Christmas Costume Ideas

Children often choose outfits which have been worn by their favourite TV / cartoon / movie characters such as fairies, super- heroes and supervillains, browse through the web with them to get their ideas.

Best Christmas Costumes For Toddlers

Toddlers need an outfit that will be comfortable, warm and without anything that will trip them up – they have only just learned to walk after all!
Any jumpsuit type outfit such as Elf Costumes, Snowman or Santa Suits are great for toddlers. Take the leap, browse our website now and choose costumes for your children for this Christmas.

Chrildren's Costumes

It's that festive time of year again,

Which means School Concerts and Nativity Plays

Here we have all the wonderful costumes you could need

Help your little star stand out from the croud