Cakes are nice for any occasion but what makes them extra special are the candles that we place on top. Add a candle to any cake and see the glow on your party guests faces. We have all kinds of candles in many different colours and styles. Traditional birthday candles are always a great addition to a cake and are a must have staple in any home. But if you fancy something different from the traditional birthday candles we also have shaped candles. Our shaped candles come in many styles from simple numbers to fantastic objects and characters.

We have everything from champagne bottles and soccer balls to Disney Princess’ and cartoon characters. There is something for everyone. And for the bigger kids who want something special on the cakes at their parties we have wonderful sparkler candles that glitter and glow in the shape of any age. We even have candles that relight when you blow them out so if you want to mess with the party goers these are the candles for you.