Balloon Pumps

If you have lots of balloons to inflate or just don’t like to blow them up with your own puff, why not invest in a balloon pump? Balloon pumps are an easy way to inflate all kinds of balloons and even inflatables like our Guitars, Microphones and even the Inflatable Doll’s (Hen and Stag Party Accessories) if you are into that sort of thing!

Balloon pumps come in a range of colours and styles and some even have little motors for quicker inflation. The hand held pumps are ideal for personal use with reasonable small quantities of latex balloons but if you work for a company or at a fair ground the electric pump might be better suited for you.

Balloon pumps are here to make your life easier when it comes to decorating for a party, event or special occasion. Once you have a balloon pump you won’t have to worry about aching jaws and shortness of breath anymore because the balloon pump will breathe fresh air into you party decorations!! (pun intended!)