60s and 70s Men's Costumes

Oh, to be a child of the 60’s or the 70’s… regardless of when you grew up you can become a ‘peace man’ greeting, bell bottoms trousered hippy anytime you like by choosing one of our fantastic 60’s / 70’s themed costumes. Recreate Woodstock, the Summer of Love, The Beetles or Elvis Presley with one of our 60’s / 70’s styled costumes. Dress up as a group for the party for a greater effect.

Make a splash with psychedelic colours, tassled waistcoats, plaited hair and long haired wigs. Alternatively, choose drainpipe jeans and long haired wigs from the early 60’s or wear a purple suit with frilled sleeved shirt and heavy framed glasses to become the mysterious Austin Powers.

Feeling Groovy? Need a physodelic costume for a 60's or 70's themed party? We have a great range of costumes from the most shagadelic spy to tree hugging hippies.