1960s and 70s

Put the pop, rock, beat, blues, or folk record on the turntable and rock right into the 1960’s / 1970’s with costume styles for ‘Hippy’, ‘Go-Go Dancer’, ‘Fleece and Tasselled Waistcoats’, Bell-bottoms’, and ‘Drain-Pipe Jeans’, ‘Knee High Boots’ and ‘Satin Shirts’. Wear a costume and become a member of the Beetles or the Rolling Stones, Mrs Robinson or have Breakfast at Tiffany’s, rule like ‘The Godfather’ or play Duelling Banjo’s in Deliverance.

Choose from men’s and women’s styles in a range of sizes. Add headbands, gloves, glasses, wigs etc for the complete effect. Celebrate It have the largest range of costumes in the region – shop online or visit our store to fit the garments.

Feeling Groovy? Need a physodelic costume for a 60's or 70's themed party? We have a great range of costumes from the most shagadelic spy to tree hugging hippies.