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Fancy Dress 


  • Girls Costumes

    Girls love to dress up and Celebrate It have a fantastic range of costumes and accessories for them to enjoy. Choose from witch, vampire, and evil princess for Halloween, dress up like a fairy, Santa’s elf or a reindeer at Christmas or choose any of the characters from fiction or history for Children’s Book Week.

    Become a character from a Disney cartoon such as ‘Frozen Anna’ or Elsa or choose costumes from the storybook classics such as Snow White, Rapunzel, Cinderella or Alice in Wonderland.

    Dress as a nurse or a clown, a Viking or an Arabian Princess – the choice is endless.

    Girls Costumes

    Every girl likes to dress up and feel fancy!!

    Here we have a great range of costumes for all age groups.

    Fairytale Characters, Spooky Creatures, Fantastic Decades,

    Perfect for all occassions including Halloween, World Book Day, etc!

  • Boys Costumes

    Boys love to role play at being firemen, soldiers and hero who won the day.

    Choose from our fantastic collection of boys costumes in Celebrate It to add that extra treat for your boys party. Select a costume to fit the occasion or the party from a huge range to fit all sizes.

    Become a Ninja, an Alien or a Medieval Knight with a change of costume. Travel into the future in a Space Suit or back in time to Sherwood Forest as Robin Hood. Dress as an Donkey or a Wise Man for the Nativity School performance, wear a Doctor’s coat or a Plumbers trousers to look like Dad.

    Boys Costumes

    Dress up and play pretend,

    You can be a Cowboy, Astronaut, or even a Super Hero,

    Every boy dreams of what he wants to be

    And with fancy dress he can imagine himself saving the world!!

  • Themes

    Change your clothes and your demeanour and you can become anyone or anything – that our offer with our ‘Themed Costumes’. You can choose from an extensive range of styles and accessories for men, women and children. You can theme your venue and your entire party. You can move through the ages with fiction / non-fictional characters and you can become a Historic Hero, a Sci-Fi Villain or visa versa.

    Choose from… 

    Sixties & Seventies
    Fairy Tale
    The High Sea’s
    The Wild West
    Naughty Costumes

    Make your party insanely great with the very latest trend in fancy dress / costume ideas – complete the ensemble and disguise yourself completely with amazing accessories. We offer the largest range of costumes in the region at the most affordable prices. There is no need to ‘break the bank’ to go wild at your next themed party.

    We offer a complete online customer service for you to painlessly and effortlessly co-ordinate your party with your guests. Costumes come in all different styles and themes and here we have a great little section to help you find the right costume for your party. 

  • World Book Day

    World Book Day Costumes

    Children love to read, and World Book Day is a fantastic celebration of the books which stir children's imagination and creativity! 

    We have fancy dress costumes for all ages from tiny tots to teens, boys and girls. Their imagination will run wild as they get to be their favourite character for the day. A great range of accessories completes all our costumes including masks, glasses, teeth, fangs, hats, face-paints, weapons, wigs and much more. Children love to dress up as characters from their favourite books during Book Week with their School friends.

    We make it easy for you to pick out a costume for Book Day, with a huge range of Book Character Costumes in one handy place!

    Mum, Dad and Grandparents enjoy watching their little ones dress up and perform in character.

    We all love to play dress up

    And we have a great selection to choose from!

  • Men's Costumes

    Themed parties give men of all ages the excuse to dress up or even dress down – depending on the theme. They can be outrageous or tame, bright and colourful – especially parties with a sporting, military or fantasy theme.

    Choose from…

    Epic 1950’s Costumes
    Back to the Eighties!
    Cowboys & Indians

    Celebrate It is the ‘fancy dress costume shop’ for men and women with a customer service team online and in the shop who will help you find the perfect outfit for the occasion. You can make any town ‘party city’ on the night of your party and you can co-ordinate your styles with your friends or simply get themed party ideas in our online store. We ship within 24 hours and shipping is free for orders over €50.

    We have accessories for every fancy costume at affordable prices so there’s no excuse why your party shouldn’t rock and even shock.

    Men's Costumes

    You can step through time with these costumes

    Become an army general from the past

    Or  a space man from the future

    Perfect for Halloween, Fancy Dress, etc

  • Women's Costumes

    Browse our huge range of women’s fancy dress costumes. Step through time by choosing from your grandmothers or your mothers era in 1950’s and 1960’s styles. Go earlier for the great Flapper style outfits of the Roaring ’20’s or more modern costumes from the ‘70’s, 80’s or 90’s.

    We have matching Him & Her Themed Fancy Dress from the ‘Wild West’, ‘Gangsters’, ‘Uniforms’, ‘Fairytale’ outfits from the ‘Movies’, sexy costumes for ‘Valentines’ and Naughty costumes for Hen Night Parties.

    When it comes to costume dressing for the party, you name it, we have it!

    Browse our Women’s Costumes online or take a stroll through our costume aisles and let your alter-ego come alive – become any character you want and accessorise your outfit from our extensive range to make your transformation complete. Dressing up can be as fun or as outrageous as you want.

    Women's Costumes

    You can step through time with these costumes

    Become a hippy gogo dancer from the past

    Or  a space princess from the future

    Perfect for Halloween, Fancy Dress, etc

  • Accessories


    No matter how great your costume looks, the transformation is not complete until you accessorise it and we have the biggest range of costume accessories in the region - wigs, moustaches, beards, eyelashes, teeth, noses, glasses, tights, props, feather boas, wings, tutus, leg-warmers, bustle pants, petticoats and jewellery. Dressing up gives the excuse to be outrageously silly, sexy, horrifying or to take the occasion very seriously and replicate yourself as a character from History, Science Fiction or Hollywood.

    You can become anyone you want to be for a night or a day after a visit to our store. Our staff are always delighted to help you find the perfect outfit. We have two large fitting rooms so there’s no need for guesswork about fit, style or appearance.

    No costume is complete without accessories

    And we have lots of them

    Weapons, Glasses, Moustaches, Gloves, etc

Fancy Dress Costumes Shop

Looking for a nice fancy dress for an upcoming theme party or Halloween or Christmas? Look into our wide range of fabulous costumes to find one that will make you look charming, amusing and very attractive. Surprise everyone with a new look and grab the attention at the party. You will become the center of attention by ...

Fancy Dress Costumes Shop

Looking for a nice fancy dress for an upcoming theme party or Halloween or Christmas? Look into our wide range of fabulous costumes to find one that will make you look charming, amusing and very attractive. Surprise everyone with a new look and grab the attention at the party. You will become the center of attention by wearing a costume from our store. We have something here for everyone - men, women and kids. Yes, the whole family can shop with us to get exciting costumes at unbelievably low prices.

What’s offered at our fancy dress Dublin online store? We have costumes according to themes such as the Wild West, Halloween,and Decades. You can be sure of picking up something funny and stunning here. If you prefer a maritime look, check out our high sea costumes. Perhaps you are an old romantic and would like to dress up as Cinderella or maybe even the wicked stepmother. Look into our fairy tale costumes to pick one that really suits you. If you have a dirty mind and really want to stand out in the crowd look into our naughty costumes to get something that’s really outrageous.

If you have any unusual fancy dress ideas CelebrateIt is the perfect place to find them. Our store is the one-stop costume shop for any fabulous theme party, Christmas or Halloween fancy dress costumes for all ages.

Step into our store to get a great costume that catchs everyone’s attention at the party.