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Party Supplies 


  • Invitations

    If you Celebrate It we have an Invitation for it!

     Every party or special event requires an invitation and you will find the greatest selection of invitation cards and sheets at Celebrate It.

    Children’s Invitations.

    Choose from a huge selection including characters from their favourite TV program, game or film, these include Dora the Explorer, Bob the Builder, Peppa Pig, Farmyard Friends, Hello Kitty, Disney Princess and Ninja Turtles. Cards and sheets designed for boys and girls for birthdays and all kind of fun parties and religious events such as Christening, First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

     Celebrate It have a wide selection for the sports enthusiast – Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United to list but a few.

    Birthday Invitations.

    There are age appropriate invitations cards and sheets from babies to centenarians. Some are bright and colourful, others are glitzy, more are classic black, gold or silver.

    Cards for Special Occasions.

    We stock a gorgeous range of cards for special occasions such as Anniversaries, Weddings (Day & Evening) and milestone Birthdays.

     Invitation Card Packs.

    All cards come in packs of multiple cards so check each pack for quantity.

     We also do a whole range of personalised cards for all of the above occasions or any other event.

    You can see our entire collection of cards in store or online. When you can purchase online, all orders received before noon are despatched that even and will reach your address the following day.

     Birthdays, Engagements, Weddings, Anniversaries and more.

    Sheet invitations and card even personalised ones too.

  • Engagement

    WoW, so you got engaged, you're going to tie the not, getting hitched!

    Becoming engaged is one of the major milestone events in everyone’s life. It’s a time of excitement, dreamy expectations, promise and romance when two people publicly commit to spend the rest of their lives with each other. Naturally they want to celebrate the moment with family and friends.

     Check out our gorgeous packs of Engagement Party invitations which are ideal to send to family and friends.

     Celebrate It have a huge range of engagement party decorations including banners, bunting, streamers and balloons for the venue, tableware, glassware, table centre pieces and confetti and/or petals to scatter between the dishes and floating candles for a romantic touch. 

    Being such a special occasion, it’s important to record and frame it with our fabulous ‘Engagement Photo Frames’ and Photo Albums.

    Consider a pair of laser engraved champagne flutes as keepsakes of the evening’s celebrations or a pair of His & Her Personalised Mugs.

     Take time to browse through our gift and party-ware for your Engagement Party and allow plenty time if you want to have items personalised for the occasion.

     Online orders for off the shelf items, received before noon are dispatched the same day and off the shelf items will reach you within 24 hours. If you want to include personalised items in the order, please allow at least 3 working days. Your entire order will be shipped together. Alternatively visit our shop for advice on decorating your party and your venue for the occasion.

    We have everything you need to make this milestone extra special, Balloons, Banners, Personalised Gifts, etc.

     Let us help you make your Engagement Party one to remember!

  • Anniversaries

    Anniversaries are times of celebration, an acknowledgment of years together.   Whether it’s a wedding anniversary or the remembrance of events passed it usually calls for a celebration.

    Celebrate It are party experts and if you need it for your anniversary party, we have it or we can create it. See our laser engraved champagne flutes, perfect for that celebration toast. Check out our range of balloons, bunting, streamers and banners for decorating your venue. Decide whether you want the sparkle of foil balloons or the magic of helium filled latex balloons.

    Browse through our large stock of tableware, table decorations and candles. We have a huge selection of cake decorations, cake boards and cake toppers for every occasion.

    A photo album is a lovely gift for an anniversary – it’s a place for all the photos of the night, a place to store memories until the next time.

    See our fabulous range of photo frames embossed with 25th and 50th anniversary – these make very thoughtful gifts.

    For these less defined anniversary, see our super shape foil balloons – put any two numbers together when ready made numbers are not available for instance 17th or 22nd anniversary or we are delighted to personalise any balloon with a number or name of your choice.

    So you're celebrating how many years together? Doesn't matter we have everything you need whether it's your 1st, 25th or even 50th Anniversary. Check out all the great decorations and gifts we have in stock and let us help you celebrate in style. Banners, Balloons, Personalised Gifts and so much more!

  • Birthday Party Decorations

     Make your next birthday party swing with decorations from simple streamers to inflated personalised balloons.

    It’s easy to convert any venue into a party palace with decorations. Imagine a simple rectangular room – add banners and streamers, along the walls, suspend bunting, cascades and swirls from the ceiling and between walls.

    Allow helium inflated balloons to float towards the ceiling, some plain and some printed with ‘Happy Birthday’, lightly scatter ‘Birthday Confetti’ along each table and place a glitzy centre piece in the middle. Use birthday themed table napkins, table covers and disposable table ware.

     Include a mix of latex and foil balloons, cleverly positioned for best effect. Latex balloons add colour and their strings can be used to either dangle or can hold the balloon down with foil wrapped weights. Foil balloons come in all shapes and colours – choose sparkling foil number and letter balloons that float or adhere to any smooth surface.

    Celebrate It are experts in Balloon Art creating arches and pillars, giving structure to the space.

    Add laser engraved champagne flutes and/or tankards to the shopping list to personalise the party.

    Celebrate It’s range of party decorations is surprisingly extensive and must be seen to fully appreciate how easily you can decorate an venue to make it extra special for your birthday celebration. 

    Drop into our store and talk to our staff – we stock the decorations and we know the venues – we’ve decorated them all and are delighted to advise.

    All you could ever need to make your Party Celebrations extra special! Birthdays, Retirements, Engagements, etc. We have a huge range of Balloons, Banners, Cups and Plates everything you need for any Party except the cake!! Find your Balloons and the Helium Tanks to fill them in this neat little section.

  • Children's Birthdays

     Children’s birthday parties are part of every year whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, cousin or friend. 

    Parents are delighted to quietly celebrate the early birthdays and once the children enter school there begins a round of birthday parties of siblings friends and cousins and each child wants their party to be different.

    Look no further than Celebrate It for the widest range of themed parties available. Co-ordinate all disposable themed table-ware, decorations both for the room and the table and even choose a costume to complete the effect. 

    Celebrate It are a ‘one stop shop’ for all your party needs. Apart from that listed above, pick up the cake board and decorations or even a printed icing sheet to fit with the theme of the party.
    Choose a themed piñata for party fun and don’t forget some themed loot bags for the children as the leave for home.

    We have the best ideas for age appropriate, birthday party themes such as Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Thomas & Friends, Moshi Monsters, Sponge Bob and much, much more for the little ones. We have Disney characters, Super Heroes and TV & Game characters for the older children.

    Shop online or in store for the complete children’s birthday party package.

    In this section you will find everything you need to make your child's party one to remember! We have it all from 1st Birthdays to Teenange Mutant Ninja Turtles, Princess' to Pirates, etc. Get all your Plates, Tablecovers, Cups, Banners and more in our One Stop Party Shop!

  • Helium Balloons

    Place carefully arranged balloons in any venue and you automatically change the atmosphere to one of celebration

    There are balloon creations of all occasions from decorating a shop window to creating an archway of a store entrance or defining a stage with pillars and spirals.

    Helium balloons add colour and structure to any space and come in both printed foil and latex. There are balloons for children’s parties and for corporate events. They come printed with images from the latest TV shows and Disney characters or a whole range of plain colours that can be mixed and matched to colour co-ordinate with any setting.

    Choose super sized balloons up to 36 inches in the shape of numbers and letters, champagne bottles and even brides and grooms.

    Decide on a colour theme for your party and maintain that colour through the balloons, ribbons and other decorations.

    Celebrate It are delighted to customise balloons with text or images for the personal touch and we are experts at creating structures from balloons to fit any setting.  

    If you are planning your wedding in the next year, why not give us a call, we know balloons, we know the venues and we are happy to decorate it for your special day. Order online and we ship off the shelf within 24 hours, for customised items allow 3 days.

    Here we have all our Balloons that can be filled with Helium. Foil Balloons for Birthdays, Communions, Engagements, Christenings, etc. All our Latex Balloons are also Helium Quality. The Balloons in this section come flat and the prices do NOT Include Helium

  • Party and Accessories

     No party is complete without all the little bits and pieces that add colour and mood to the scene.

    A room with a table laden with food and drink is just a meal but string banners across or along the walls, suspend streamers from the ceiling and place inflated balloons at entrances, on the table and strategically around the room, it’s now a party venue and puts everyone in the mood.

    Fun accessories: Party Poppers, Drinks Accessories, Jokes & Gadgets, Cameras, Confetti Cannons and Silly String.

    Disposable Tableware: Themed Table Covers, Plates, Cups, Cutlery, Glasses, Napkins, Serving Platters and Doilies.

    Table Decoration: Centre Pieces, Confetti, Candles, Sparklers and Glow Sticks.

    Room Decoration: Banners, Streamers, Balloons, Party Lights.

    Personal accessories: Party Hats, Masks, Ribbons, Badges, Face Paints, Tattoo Sleeves and Tiaras.

    Many like to see the party accessories themselves and visit our store. It’s always best to work from a list as its easy become distracted with our massive array of accessories and omit an essential item.

    Browse through our huge range of party accessories online – eliminate the drive to Kilkenny, the search for parking and the time involved. Celebrate It despatch all off the shelf, pre-noon online orders the same day through priority post to arrive at your address within 24 hours .

    If you Celebrate It we have something to Decorate It! Here you will find everything you need to decorate almost any kind of party or event. All your Balloons, Banners, Gifts, and more in one great shop!


  • Valentine's Day

    Valentine’s day is synonymous with romance, the colour red, candles and intimate celebrations with meals and wine.

    Browse our website and you will find boundless ideas to make next February 14th extra special. See our gorgeous selection of cuddly teddy bears – we will personalise it with the words ‘I Love You’ and her name.

    Light the table with beautiful floating candles and scatter romantic petals and / or ‘Love Heart’ confetti on the table for colour. Combine a Happy Valentine red heart balloon with other colours to float above a perfectly prepared meal.

    Surprise each other with little gifts such as personalised labels on the wine or champagne bottle, create a souvenir with laser cut champagne glasses engraved with your names and the date or personalised embroidered table napkins.

    Browse our large selection of gift boxes in all sizes – they are perfect to prolong the suspense of the gift giving. It doesn’t matter if the gift is a single hand made chocolate or something much larger we have gorgeous boxes to suit.


    Order online and these items will be delivered to your address leaving you relaxed and able to concentrate on the important parts of a very special evening.

    Valentine's Day

    Love is in the air and you want to show it

    Well we have loads of heart shaped decorations and balloons 

    Perfect for showing that someone special how much you care!

  • Themed Parties

    Themed Parties

    Whether it’s for a child or an adult, a Birthday, Anniversary, or just because you want to party come to Celebrate It for the widest range of themes and party accessories.

    Not every party is the same, some are simply more fun!

    Set the mood for your next party with a theme throughout. Try a ‘Wild West’ theme for a summer party, BBQ, with steaks and costumes or a ‘Colour’ theme for an afternoon tea with close friends; see our ‘Solid Colour’, ‘Polka Dot’ and ‘Stripe’ tableware.

     Try characters from their favourite TV show, film or game for Children’s parties, with balloons and tableware.

    Light up an evening party with LED balloons to create a ‘Hollywood’ theme. Add VIP Banners, Cups and Bunting or celebrate 4th July with the American Flag, iced tea, lemonade and ‘Stars & Stripes’ table-ware. 

    Browse our themed party-ware for any decade and complete the theme with suggestions to guests that they arrive in character. We have hundreds of costumes from the ‘Great Gatsby’, Marylyn Munroe, Bugsy Malone, to the most recent ‘Donald Trump’; characters from Science Fiction, TV, Super Heroes and much more.

     Winter parties can be fun too with ‘Cobwebs’, ‘Spiders’, ‘Witches’, Ghouls’, ‘Blood & Grotesque Masks’ for Halloween and ‘Santa’, ‘Mrs Claus’, the ‘Elves and Reindeers’ with themed table-ware and decorations such as snow and tinsel for Christmas parties.

    We have Polka-Dot, Solid Colours, Tricolour and Stars and Stripes.

    Plates, Cups, Napkins and more for any Party or Event. 

  • Piñatas


     Piñatas are a papier-mâché shaped hollow container with a concealed opening that can be filled with sweets, toys or a combination of both.

    At some stage during the party the piñata is suspended within reach of the guest of honour who is then blindfolded and given a piñata beater. When blindfolded they are turned around about three times to confuse them as to the direction of the piñata. They beat about while blind-folded with the beater until they make contact with the piñata and they then continue to beat it until they succeed in bursting it open and it looses its contents.

    They are a fun decoration for any party novel idea for some party fun. Celebrate It have piñatas for every occasion and seasonal party, for children and adults. They come with Disney Cartoon characters, birthday number shapes and there is one for any party theme including Hollywood, Pirates, Hawaiian, Jukebox, Fire-engine, Cat, Treasure Chest, Pumpkin and many more. There are ones for Halloween, Christmas, Anniversary Celebrations and Hen Parties.

    When buying a piñata, it’s a good idea to also buy a piñata beater and a blindfold.

    Sweets and toys can be gathered and placed in Loot Bags for children to take with them when they leave to go home.

    Try some fun with a piñata at your next party.

    Piñatas are a fun and entertaining way to decorate a party and also a great activity for kids and adults! Simply fill your piñata with your filling of choice, be it sweets, toys, or hen night items, and let your guests bash away!

    Everything from Princess', Pirates, Spiderman, even Chillis and Handbags.

    Pinatas are a simple and fun way to play at any party.

  • Party Decoration Service

    Party season is here and we are experts in party decoration. With over 12 years in business an providing a decoration service, we know all the venues and can advise on your choice of décor. We know the hotels with high ceilings and those that are low if you are planning on a balloon drop for your wedding.

    We know the venues with low lighting and those that are brightly lit, this will impact on your choice of décor. We know the colours that work well together and we bring all our experience and expertise to every party we decorate.

    Celebrate It can transform a large function room into a magic ballroom with the use of balloons, ribbon and a little confetti.

    We decorate for corporate clients running promotions, conferences and showrooms. We decorate for weddings, christenings, anniversaries, birthdays and retirements.

    Following an initial consultation…

    o   we agree a budget with our client

    o   we discuss each element of the décor

    o   we advise on the elements that make the most impact depending on the nature of the venue

    o   we agree a final plan with our client

    o   we install the decorations on the day of the event

    This service allows our clients to concentrate on their work if it’s for a business event and if it’s a social occasion our clients can rely on us to do the work while they enjoy the celebration.

    Party Decoration Service

    Have a party coming up and don't have the time to decorate it yourself?

    Well we here at Celebrate It have a great Decoration Service.

    We include all the decorations and go out and prepare your venue,

    So you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the party.

    Perfect for Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Communions and so much more!

  • New Years

    New Years

     Almost everyone celebrates on New Year’s Eve and New Years Day, it’s a time of transition, releasing the old and welcoming the new.

    Celebrate It have a huge range of costumes and accessories for New Year’s eve parties and masquerade balls. Decorate your home with ‘Streamers’, ‘Banners’, ‘Balloons’ and ‘Bunting’ for the New Year celebrations.

    Use sparklers, neon tubes & bracelets to brighten outdoors. Wear glitter tiara’s and hats to put yourself in the party mood. Check out our range of glitzy and neon coloured face and body paints.

    Don’t forget that all important bottle of ‘Bubbly’ to welcome the New Year at midnight and see our lovely collection of disposable champagne flutes to share it around.

     We have a whole range of party poppers to explode at midnight. New Year’s eve is a glitzy occasion and many like to dress up, some wear masks – some glamour and some as disguises and always as fun.

     New Year’s Day is often a family time and an occasion to celebrate new beginnings, intentions and a time of anticipation. Check out our huge range of decorations for the day and our classic black, gold and silver disposable table-ware.

     Make this a New Year for all your family and friends to remember.

    Ring in the New Year with style!

    We have everything you need to celebrate the end of this year and the start of the next.

    Banners, Streamers, Balloons, Buntings and more!

  • Inflatables


    Everyone enjoys a good blow up!!

    We have all kinds of Inflatable items

    Guitars, Swords, Husbands, Sheep & more

    The perfect addition to any event

    Weddings, Birthdays, Hen & Stag Parties, etc

  • Mother's Day

    Celebrate your wonderful Mother and everything she does this Mother's Day! 

    Make Mother’s Day special for your mother this year.

    All mothers love photographs of their children and grandchildren so check out our fantastic range of photo frames and photo albums. Plan in time, check the photos you already have on your phone on camera. Do you have the type of photo you want or do you want to do a photo especially for the occasion. Get all these lovely pictures printed and fitted in the frame or album. Imagine her surprise at such a thoughtful gift.

    Make her day special with a Mother’s Day Balloon and show her your appreciation for all she does and has done for you and the rest of the family by spending quality time with her on that day or a day of her choice.

    Treat her to a meal in your home and colour theme the setting with napkins and table covers, decorate the room with balloons, streamers, banners and bunting. Make it a day she will remember surrounded by family.

    Check out our huge range online or drop into our shop where you will see them for yourself and seek the advise of our staff for accessories to create the best effect for the day.

    We have a selection of Gifts and Personalised Items - You're sure to find something that's just right for your mum!

    Show your mother how special she is to you this Mothering Sunday with a Beautiful Balloon, or a Photo Frame or perhaps one of our many personalised items - to give it the personal touch! Mother's Day falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent and it is the perfect day to show your Mum your appreciation for all that she does.

    Afterall,Where would we be without our Mother?

  • Graduation

    Graduation is a mile stone worth celebrating! Whether it's a Playschool Graduation, Graduating from Secondary School or College Graduation - We can help you celebrate it.

    A Graduation Party is lots of fun and we have everything you need to decorate for a celebration to remember!

We are the biggest party shop in the region and whether you are preparing for a major event such as a wedding or a minor gathering of children for a birthday party, we’ve got it.

You name it, just browse our party supplies section and you will find ‘Everything under the Sun’ and much more for a party. You will find decorations such as banners,...

We are the biggest party shop in the region and whether you are preparing for a major event such as a wedding or a minor gathering of children for a birthday party, we’ve got it.

You name it, just browse our party supplies section and you will find ‘Everything under the Sun’ and much more for a party. You will find decorations such as banners, bunting and balloons, streamers and spirals to brighten up any room.

Eliminate breakages at children’s parties with disposable table-ware; plates, cups, napkins, even table covers in themes for birthdays, their favourite TV characters, holy communion and confirmation. There’s colour themed and special occasion tableware for adult parties too including plastic drinking glasses and cutlery, cupcake stands and serving platters.

Fun party supplies accessories include confetti cannons, party lights, party poppers and bubbles, sky lanterns and glow sticks. Make the party lively with party games, inflatable toys and piñatas.

Dress up for Halloween, Christmas, New Year, St Patrick’s Day or any other costume party with complete outfits, beards, masks, face/body paints, wigs, fun glasses and even fake tattoos.

Be a witch or a fairy, wear a uniform or dress straight out of any decade of your choosing, become a 20’s Flapper, a 50’s gangster or a 70’s pop band.

Complete the outfits with gloves, stockings, hats and jewellery.

Everything you could possibly need for a party whether it's for children, adults, and the in-betweens! Choose from a wide range of themed party accessories, tableware and decorations.