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  • Mens Costumes

    Celebrate It is your one stop shop for men’s Christmas costumes, just browse through all our men’s categories and you will be mesmerised with the variety,don’t forget to accessorise with glasses, wigs, masks and hats of every description

    Christmas Costumes for Men

    We are the largest retailer of Christmas costumes for adults in the region, come in and try them on for size or refer to your own clothes sizes and buy online. Check out our Mr Santa costume in bright red with white trimmings – our Regency Plush Santa Suit, comes with hat, belt, over-boots, gloves and of course beard. If you seek something lighter, why not try our ‘Deluxe Santa Costume’ with all the trimmings in a high quality valour

    Browse online through our range of fun outfits for men including cowboy outfits from the Wild West and Gangster Land such as Bugsy Malone, characters from history, fiction, uniforms and styles from every decade.

    Christmas Costume Ireland

    If you are searching for costumes for men this festive season look no further than this website. We have a massive range of styles and sizes and we ship within 1 working day of receiving your order.
    Now is your opportunity. Place your order today. If you have any questions please call us and we will be glad to help. We are all real people in Celebrate It – this is not a warehouse in some remote place

    Mens Costumes

    Ho, ho, ho and jingle all the way,

    We have all kinds of Christmas Outfits

    Including Santas and Elves to spread the festive cheer

  • Women's Costumes

    Christmas is party season and everyone loves to dress up and look their best. Let your fun side out this festive season by choosing one of our fantastic Mrs Santa Outfits. We have a great selection of Mrs Claus costumes and fancy accessories to complete the outfits. We have the largest selection of Christmas costumes for adults in the region and you are sure to leave our store with an outfit to delight.

    Sexy Christmas Costumes for Ladies

    We have a fabulous collection of sexy outfits for women including Flirty Little Elf, Santa’s Little Helper, Miss Claus and Christmas Cutie. Browse our outfits to see for yourself and don’t forget to view the great accessories.

    Women’s Christmas Costume Ideas

    Browse our online shop for ideas for your Christmas outfit, notice there are many other outfits if you don’t wish to be confined to the traditional styles associated with the festive season. They come in a range of sizes and you are bound to find the perfect costume for your mood and purpose.

    Christmas Costume Ireland

    We are not a faceless entity, if you have any queries do not hesitate to call us, we are based in SE Ireland with a retail outlet in Kilkenny and we are always delighted to hear from our customers or help them out if they have a query on any of our costumes at Christmas or any time of the year. 

    Go ahead, complete your purchase now with the assurance that you are dealing with real people or if you have a query, just call us – we’re delighted to assist.

    Women's Costumes

    Have you been Naughty or Nice?

    Well with these sassy Christmas Outfits you can be both

  • Christmas Accessories

    Putting a Christmas mood into the festivities is as easy as lighting some candles, adding a little tinsel and wearing a Santa hat. We have a fantastic range of Christmas accessories to wear for the festive season so you can go wild or just choose a few festive items. We have the largest stock of Christmas partysupplies for children and adults in the region.

    Use LED battery operated candles for safety especially where there are children, angel wings are loved by little girls, Santa wigs, beards and hats are always delightful. Reindeer antlers and elf hats are some of the most useful and effective Christmas party accessories in Ireland; they make every occasion festive.

    Christmas Party Supplies

    Save extra work at Christmas by using Christmas themed disposable party ware for that impromptu gathering. It’s always useful to have a stash of cups, plates and glasses for that surprise visit or late night party.

    Christmas Accessories For 2017

    Silly glasses with holly or reindeer antlers, face paints, gloves, Christmas tree hats and angel harps are sure to set the tone and a Santa Claus bell will add the occasional jingle.

    Browse through our website and find your perfect accessories this year. Call us if you have a query, we are real people behind this website and are delighted to help.

    Christmas Accessories

    Let us help you jingle all the way!

    Here we have everything you need to complete your festive look

    Beards, Glasses, Gloves, Hats, etc

  • Children's Costumes

    Best Christmas Costumes For Toddlers

    Children usually know exactly what they want in a costume – the problem is often to find the exact outfit they require. The great advantage of a costume store as large as ours, is that you are more than likely to find exactly what your child has asked for, no matter how strange. We are stocked full of great Christmas costumes for kids.

    We have wonderful traditional children’s Santa outfits in all sizes and we also have a gorgeous Miss Santa dress with white trimmings, a black belt and little puff sleeves.

    Equally popular are those outfits worn by Santa’s little helpers – the elves. Kid’s elf costumes always sell out quickly. They come in traditional green and red with a pixie type hat. There are girl’s elf costumes with striped pants and boy’s elf costumes in red and blue for those who want a change from tradition. However,these can be worn by either gender.

    Children’s Christmas Costume Ideas

    Children often choose outfits which have been worn by their favourite TV / cartoon / movie characters such as fairies, super- heroes and supervillains, browse through the web with them to get their ideas.

    Best Christmas Costumes For Toddlers

    Toddlers need an outfit that will be comfortable, warm and without anything that will trip them up – they have only just learned to walk after all!
    Any jumpsuit type outfit such as Elf Costumes, Snowman or Santa Suits are great for toddlers. Take the leap, browse our website now and choose costumes for your children for this Christmas.

    Chrildren's Costumes

    It's that festive time of year again,

    Which means School Concerts and Nativity Plays

    Here we have all the wonderful costumes you could need

    Help your little star stand out from the croud 

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items
Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items

Christmas and New Year are the seasons for fancy dress parties, masked balls and simply dressing up for fun in the home. You can approach this two ways…

Best Christmas Costume & Outfits

Browse our vast range of costumes in Celebrate It and make your choice from characters from movies and books, superhero / supervillain, uniforms of every descrip...

Christmas and New Year are the seasons for fancy dress parties, masked balls and simply dressing up for fun in the home. You can approach this two ways…

Best Christmas Costume & Outfits

Browse our vast range of costumes in Celebrate It and make your choice from characters from movies and books, superhero / supervillain, uniforms of every description, period styles from every decade and a unique collection of animal costumes not to mention Santa suits, Angels, Nativity outfits and comic / funny outfits. Depending on the character some are heavy plush, satin finish, braided or sequin encrusted organza.

Dress Like A Holiday Ideas

We have great costumes that let you become a Star or a Christmas Tree and lots of accessories including masks, gloves, over-shoes etc. to complete the outfit.

DIY Christmas Costume

There is something for everyone in our store and if you are a skilled crafts / DIY person we have a complete range of accessories to complete any outfit you create. These include wigs, belt’s, angel wings, halo’s etc. to make your homemade Christmas costume look as professional as any you could buy.

Funny Christmas Costume

Take a look through our website to see the huge selection of comic, funny and unique Christmas costumes available. Drop into our store to try them on for size in our large fitting rooms or just buy online. Costume sizes are similar to ordinary clothes. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us through email or phone.

Christmas Costumes & Accessories

The holiday season is here

And we have the Costumes to Celebrate It

Santa and Mrs Claus, Elves, etc