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Party and Accessories 


  • Award Ribbons and Badges

    Every Birthday needs a Badge and we have all kinds of Badges, Award Ribbons and Rosettes for every Birthday and a few other occassions

  • Banners & Decorations

    We have all kinds of Banners and Decorations. Perfect for any Party and Venue. Birthdays, Christenings, Anniversaries, Retirements, etc

  • Bubbles & Party Poppers

    These can be great little favors. Bubbles and Party Poppers can be great fun and should be part of every party

  • Cameras

    Disposable Cameras are perfect for all occasions. Never forget a moment with these Cameras. Birthdays, Hen Nights, Weddings, Anniversaries, etc

  • Candles

    You can't have a party witout candles and we have loads. Shaped, Relighting, Sparklers and more.

  • Confetti and Paper Petals

    These are ideal for sprinkling on tables. Brighten up any table with these pretty Paper Petals and Cofetti

  • Party Hats and Masks

    Enjoy your party in style. We have all kinds of Hats and Masks for all kinds of parties, Birthdays, Fancy Dress,etc

  • Cupcake Cases

    For all you bakers out there we have a large range of cases, pretty flowery cases, balloon covered cases, minis and more. We even have cake tin cases to make all your baking easier. Ideal for Birthdays, Parties, Weddings, Communions, etc

  • Diamante Numbers

    Diamante Numbers

    These glitter numbers are paerfect for all occasions

    Including Birthdays, Anniversaries and more

    With everything from 0 to 9

    In silver, gold and even red and pink

  • Drink Accessories

    Drink Accessories

    Straws, Cocktail Sticks, Mini Umbrellas and more

    No drink is complete without one of these accessories

  • Face Paint

    Face Paint

    You can use Face Paint to create any character you want

    Just let your imagination go wild

    Lots of colours give you lots to create

    Perfect for Halloween, Fancy Dress, Fun Fairs, etc

  • Platters


    Big Party coming up?

    Need something to hold all that food?

    Well we have all kinds of Platters

    Ideal for sandwhiches, finger food, hot food, etc

  • Glass Giftware

    Glass Giftware

    If your looking for a special gift

    Look no futher

    We have fancy Glass Giftware for lots of occasions

    Pint Glasses, Wine Glasses, Champage Flutes, Tankards, etc

  • Helium Tanks

    Helium Tanks

    Balloons are more fun when the are filled with helium

    And we have tanks that you can take with you

    So you can fill your balloons at your own leisure

    Perfect for any Party, Birthday, Communion, etc

  • Loot Bags

    Loot Bags

    Here are all kinds of Loot Bags

    Ideal for sending sweets and treats home with party guests

    They come in all sizes, styles and colours

    Perfect for Birthdays, Picnics,etc

  • Jokes & Gadgets

    Jokes & Gadgets

    Here you will find all kinds of items

    Ideal for gifts and raffles

    Inflatables, Silly Jokes and Novelty Gadgets

  • Diamante Letters

    Diamante Letters

    We have every letter in the alphabet 

    And even some slogans and symbols

    Including "&", Happy Birthday, Christening, Mr, Mrs, etc

  • Napkins


    Paper Napkins are needed for all parties

    We have Napkins in all colours and styles

    Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Patterned, Plain, etc

    Napkins for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christenings and more

  • Confetti Cannons

    Confetti Cannons

    Want to add a bit of colour and a bang to your event?

    Well Confetti Cannons are the way to go

    With a hugh range we have something for any occasion

    Including, Weddings, Birthdays, Christenings, Communions and more

  • Party Cups

    Party Cups

    Paper, plastic or styrofoam

    Party cups come in all sizes, styles and colours 

    And we have a large selection for you to choose from

  • Plastic Glasses and Cutlery

    Plastic Glasses & Cutlery

    These glasses and cutlery can be washed and reused

    perfect for all kinds of parties and events

    They come in all colours, shapes and sizes

  • Plates


    Every party needs a cake 

    And every cake needs plates

    We have plates of all shapes, sizes, colour and themes

    Ideal for all occasions

  • Birthday Tiaras

    Every girl should feel like a princess on their birthday and with these pretty Birthday Tiaras any girl can

  • Pull Bows and Florist's...

    Pull Bows & Florist Ribbon

    We have them in all different colours

    in both Florist Ribbon and Pull Bows

    Ideal for all occasions

  • Silly String and Hair Colour

    Silly String and Hair Spray

    These little cans are full of fun

    Ideal for all occasions

    Birthdays, Halloween, Fancy Dress, etc

  • Sky Lanterns

    Sky Lanterns

    Make a memorable impact with these Sky Lanterns

    A simlpe and easy way to celebrate

    Sky Lanterns are ideal for all occasions

    Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Halloween, etc

  • Table Centerpieces

    Table Centerpieces

    Add a little something extra to your table decorations

    using one of these great Centerpieces

    Table Centerpieces can also double as a balloon weight

  • Tablecovers


    We have a great selection of Tablecovers

    In all sorts of colours and patterns

    Perfect for all occasions

    Birthdays, Communions,Anniversaries, etc

  • Easter


    The sweetest time of year

    We have cute Easter themed partywear

    Including Ballons, Masks, Costumes and more

    Celebrate new life with an Easter party

  • Tapes & Adhesives

    Tapes & Adhesives

    There are so many ways to stick things together

    We have double sided tape, blu tack, thumb tacks and more

    Use these adhesives on any thing including

    Crafts, Banners, Photos, etc

  • Paper Doilies

    Paper Doilies

    You can use Paper Doilies for almost anything

    Crafts, Decoration, Gift Wrap, etc

    Ideal for Parties, Birthdays, Anniversaries and more

  • Glow Light Sticks

    Glow Light Sticks

    Light Sticks are simple but fun

    Perfect for any occasion

    Birthdays, Parties, Discos, etc

  • Envelopes


    We have envelopes for all occasions

    In all colours including

    White, Ivory, Pink, Blue, Silver and Gold

    get them in singles or packs

  • Miscellanous


    This section has a little bit of everything

    From chopsticks and lollypopsticks to party poppers and streamers

  • Temporary Tattoos

    Temporary Tattoos

    These Tattoos come in different styles

    Easy to apply and remove

    Perfect for Fancy Dress, Halloween, etc

  • Party Light

    Party Lights

    Disco Balls, Strobe Lights, Lava Lamps, etc

    We have Party Lights for all occasions

    Battery operated and plug ins available

  • Sweet Bags

    Sweet Bags

    Candy Carts are becoming more popular

    A greta idea for any one with a sweet tooth

    Don't just display your sweets and treats nicely

    Send them away with nice Sweet Bags too!

    Available in many colours

 No party is complete without all the little bits and pieces that add colour and mood to the scene.

A room with a table laden with food and drink is just a meal but string banners across or along the walls, suspend streamers from the ceiling and place inflated balloons at entrances, on the table and strategically around the room, it’s now a par...

 No party is complete without all the little bits and pieces that add colour and mood to the scene.

A room with a table laden with food and drink is just a meal but string banners across or along the walls, suspend streamers from the ceiling and place inflated balloons at entrances, on the table and strategically around the room, it’s now a party venue and puts everyone in the mood.

Fun accessories: Party Poppers, Drinks Accessories, Jokes & Gadgets, Cameras, Confetti Cannons and Silly String.

Disposable Tableware: Themed Table Covers, Plates, Cups, Cutlery, Glasses, Napkins, Serving Platters and Doilies.

Table Decoration: Centre Pieces, Confetti, Candles, Sparklers and Glow Sticks.

Room Decoration: Banners, Streamers, Balloons, Party Lights.

Personal accessories: Party Hats, Masks, Ribbons, Badges, Face Paints, Tattoo Sleeves and Tiaras.

Many like to see the party accessories themselves and visit our store. It’s always best to work from a list as its easy become distracted with our massive array of accessories and omit an essential item.

Browse through our huge range of party accessories online – eliminate the drive to Kilkenny, the search for parking and the time involved. Celebrate It despatch all off the shelf, pre-noon online orders the same day through priority post to arrive at your address within 24 hours .

If you Celebrate It we have something to Decorate It! Here you will find everything you need to decorate almost any kind of party or event. All your Balloons, Banners, Gifts, and more in one great shop!