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Hen and Stag Night 


  • Hen Night

    Make your Hen Party an Unforgettable One with Excellent Ideas, Decoration and Accessories

    A bachelorette party or hen(s) night as it is popularly known in Ireland and UK, is a party held for a woman who is about to get married. It may also be referred to as a girls' night out. The bachelorette party is simply a party, given in honor of the bride-to-be, in the style that is common to that social circle.


    A memorable Hen party is every bride-to-be's dream and to make that dream come true you need excellent decoration and funky accessories that turn it into an exceptionally beautiful day of your life.


    Hen Night Accessories Ireland

    In order to have a memorable hen party, accessories are of very important. At CelebrateIt, we pride in ourselves for having the most exquisite collection of accessories essential for pulling off an exceptional hen party. Our funky and naughty accessories can be the perfect companions for adults. The right kind of accessories not only enhance the party spirit but also makes the party a grand success. Irrespective of the theme selected by the bride or her friends the most important point is to have a blast out of a party and we make it happen.


    Hen Night Ideas

    Hen night marks the end of the bride’s spinsterhood and as it is the last day of her 'freedom' she should have a memorable night. You will never fall short of ideas as you can get all the information from our website on hen nights. If you are arranging the party for your friend take some time out and ponder on what the bride to be loves to do.


    What makes CelebrateIt unique is that we stop short of nothing to make your party the most fabulous one. If you want to get naughty, you can order various items from our hen night accessories/decorations. You will get stuff for almost all the themes.


    Hen Night Decorations

    You cannot make your hen party an outstanding one until you get perfect decorations for it. Different types of banners, balloons, flags are the decorative items which give a hen party the perfect look. At CelebrateIt you will get almost all the decorations you need to have a blast of a hen night.


    Every girl Dreams of her Wedding but all her friends are thinkg of the Hen Party!

    We have everything you need to make your Friend or Family Members Hen Do one to remember,

    We have Willy shaped Jellies, Chocolates, Straws, Balloons, etc

    Personalised T-Shirts, Badges, Sashes, Bags, you name it we can personalise it!


  • Stag Night

    In Celebrate It we have aisles of costumes both fun and risqué to help you enter into the mood of ‘boys on a stag night’. It’s the Best Man’s roll to help organise the party and especially to introduce a few little surprises during the night or over the weekend.

    Ideas for a fun stag night could include suggestive costumes and accessories. A mankini is always an option in warm weather and we even have flesh coloured skins to wear under them if the weather is less favourable. Female impersonator costumes are very popular on stag nights as are full cowboy outfits including hats.

    Every best man has access to the groom’s family and a means of getting embarrassing photos which we are only delighted to imprint onto t-shirts while personalising others for each member of the party.

    Wigs, hats, beards and moustaches are always popular for the party to end all parties. We have lots of daring games and accessories suitable for the night such as handcuffs, bull whips, inflatable instruments, inflatable animals, and inflatable dolls.

    Glasses and personalised caps are very popular for the less wild parties. Make it a night to remember even if you are so drunk you forget!

    Let the girls dream of the perfect Wedding Day you and the boys just want to have fun on the Stag Night,

    Here we have helpful bits and bobs to help you make a fool out of the Groom to be, because thats what a Best Man is for!

    We can Personalised T-Shirts and supply funny Costumes for any amount of stags!

    So make it a night to remember even if you are so drunk you forget!


  • Inflatables

    No hen party, stag night or wedding party is complete without its share of inflatable gadgets. They vary from musical instruments to plastic sheep and inflated husbands, fruit, weapons and tools.

    They are a make believe bit of fun and are great for photographs, especially when used together with wigs and glasses.

    Imagine somebody wearing an Elvis wig and glasses and belting out Jailhouse Rock into an inflatable microphone or a black knitted cap and an inflatable guitar imitating The Edge. These are moments to record on camera for future use.

    Inflatable wife and inflatable husband are always good on a hen or stag night or if you want to look the complete yuppie why not take your calls on an inflatable 40cm mobile phone complete with protruding aerial or if you want to rock the night away try an inflatable boom-box.

    Weapons and tools such as swords, hammers and rifles make for great photos while everybody is waiting for the music to begin.

    No hen night is complete without an inflatable willie and why not bring a plastic banana along just for good measure. You can buy all these in our store or online and have them delivered to your home in time for the party.

    Inflatables and fun go together - everyone loves an occasional good blow-up and we have a huge collection in Celebrate It.

    Whether you are going on a naughty or classy hen night there’s inflatable items to suit your taste. Play music on a blown-up guitar or listen to it on an air-filled radio. Choose from tools such as hammers or weapons such as swords and guns.

    Inflatables are easy to pack and easy to carry when going on a Hen / Stag Night / Weekend and bring some harmless fun to the event. You can buy online with delivery to any address or you can shop in store.


    Everyone enjoys a good blow up!!

    We have all kinds of Inflatable items

    Guitars, Swords, Husbands, Sheep & more

    The perfect addition to any event

    Weddings, Birthdays, Hen & Stag Parties, etc

CelebrateIt offers Fabulous Hen or Stag Party T-Shirts, Decorations, Chocolates and Other Such Items at Very Reduced Rates

CelebrateIt offers you a fascinating range of stag and hen party items, that will make your party a night that is remembered long afterwards. Whatever you might need ranging from balloons to hen or stag party t-shirts, can b...

CelebrateIt offers Fabulous Hen or Stag Party T-Shirts, Decorations, Chocolates and Other Such Items at Very Reduced Rates

CelebrateIt offers you a fascinating range of stag and hen party items, that will make your party a night that is remembered long afterwards. Whatever you might need ranging from balloons to hen or stag party t-shirts, can be purchased from us. We stock the most popular and unique items, so that you get exactly what’s need to make your hen or stag night fantastic. All our items are high quality and very affordably priced, enabling you to get the best things within your budget.


Why Buy Your Hen Or Stag Night Items From Us?

What makes our store different from others is the variety of items that we have. We stop short of nothing so that you can enjoy a fabulous stag or hen night. You can find something as naughty as a bell ring to something as funny as a top hat in our store. Our items are sure to enhance the mood and bring on laughter. If there is something that you planned to do as a group during the night, you can be sure of finding items suitable for it in our store. Pick in lots and you are given a discount.


Hen and stag nights come alive only when you get items that make people excited. Look into our cards, t-shirts, and other items that come with a message. These are downright funny and get people roaring. Imagine getting something like an oktoberfest vest. You can easily slip it over any kind of top and look like a stunning beauty. The halter neck enables just about anyone to wear it. If this isn’t exciting enough look into the dare cards. These give you the most fantastic dares and is sure to get the excitement quotient high during the night. As you go through the cards, the dares get worse/ decide. Ladies might want something like sashes or tiaras.


We also offer T-shirts with images and messages that are just right for stag or hen nights. These stag or Hen Night Personalised T-Shirts, are the perfect keepsakes and just wonderful to wear even years later as a memento of a night to remember. You can find themes available in various colors and sizes. If you want a particular message or look just mention it to us and we will get it done right away on the t-shirt.


Whatever be the item that you dream will make the perfect stag or hen night, you can find it in our store. All orders will be shipped to your location in the shortest possible time.