Our 1980’s fancy dress costumes reflect fashions, movies and music. Women - big ‘Tina Turner’ style hair and shoulder pads, men - open shirts/jackets revealing bare chests. Crazy wigs, bright colours, wide belts – character styled costumes from films such as ‘Blues Brothers’ Darth Vader, The Shining, Terminator, Star Trek, Labyrinth, Crocodile Dundee.

Mix & match costumes, accessories, wigs and pair to create a ‘His and Hers’ from the 1980’s. Browse online and buy or drop into our store and fit the costumes in our large fitting rooms. Turn on the music and imagine you are right back in the 1980’s.

Born in the 80's and want everyone to know? The decade with some of the worst hair and best music. We have great costumes for the legandary 80's including Pop Stars, Movie Icons and general bad fashion sense!