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Wedding & Bride and Groom Cake Toppers 

Bride And Groom Cake Toppers

Funny wedding Cake

When couples plan their wedding, the most significant element to decide on is the décor of the wedding cake. Many couples adorn their special wedding cake with different wedding cake toppers. 

Looking into the specific demand of the wedding cake toppers in Ireland, celebrateit has emerged as one of the most innovative service providers catering towards the decoration of cakes. We deal with professional customized cake toppers pertaining to your unique theme and style for the wedding. Our range allows you to crown your cake with the monogram of elegance and for those with a funny bone, can select from our manyfunny wedding cake toppers. 

Grace your slice with following available wedding cake toppers:

Traditional:Bring the charm to your wedding cake with traditional bride-groom toppers. They are cute and reprise the retro look. To bring a personalized touch in the traditional look we prepare brides and grooms in different color, size, shape and costumes. This is the ethnic pattern with a modern appealing touch. 

Fantasy: Few couples demand for their favorite fantasy topper for their wedding cake. We have options of fairies, unicorns, royal attire Bride and Groom Cake Toppers and castles. We design it with amazing craftsmanship to fit into your wedding concept. 

Floral: Flowers have always been the first choice for beautifying the décor so is its usage in wedding cake is obligatory. They are the symbol of natural beauty added to cakes. Floral wedding cake topper is generally matched with bride’s bouquet and floral decorations, centerpieces and accessories on the wedding table. The cascading flowers and beautiful flower posy are the two available patterns apart from the customized version. Based on the couple’s choice we top the cake with real or silk flowers. The varieties of real flowers used have good shelf life so they do not fade and wilt. 

Funny Wedding Cake Toppers: If you want to add humor to the wedding and lessen up the gravity of intense wedding atmosphere, add a sense of comedy to your wedding with funny wedding cake topper. They will definitely make you and your guests giggle and enjoy. Some concepts used for these toppers are a bride dragging the groom by his pant leg, bride and groom climbing the wedding cake, bride fishing her groom and ducklings wedding cake topper dressed in super hero and power woman costume. 

Romantic Beach: This romantic beach cake topper is designed with porcelain bisque depicting barefoot bride and groom walking hand in hand towards their destiny. Other toppers include couple lounging, jumping into the pool, making sand castles, bride and groom drawing a heartin the sand and many more. This wedding topper is perfect for any beach wedding or pool side wedding. 

Monogram: Monograms are very much in fashion these days and almost found in every wedding. The monogram wedding cake topper is very unique and elegant in itself as it displays the names of the bride and groom with artistic characteristics .This is a way to add on a personal style in your wedding. They usually feature Groom’s last name or sometimes a combination of both bride and groom. We provide floral, sugar spun and decorative silver and gold metal monograms. 

Photo: We shoot your pre wedding photograph and frame it as a cake topper for your wedding. This represents the true self of yours. 

Nature: This theme is for nature lovers and environmentalist. It’s all about going green even in your wedding. This nature topper comprises of tropical trees, love birds, dolphins, lions, and some unusual picks include cats, crows and frogs. We prepare this topper for your nature and beach theme wedding. 

With multiple options of wedding cake toppers we are pretty sure you will be able to match one perfectly for your grand occasion. May it be Funny, Traditional, Monogram, fantasy, nature, photo or floral topper select the best to crown your cake and offer it that extra pizazz and oomph which will make it sparkle.  Buy Christening cake decorations