Men's Costumes


Themed parties give men of all ages the excuse to dress up or even dress down – depending on the theme. They can be outrageous or tame, bright and colourful – especially parties with a sporting, military or fantasy theme.

Choose from…

Epic 1950’s Costumes
Back to the Eighties!
Cowboys & Indians

Celebrate It is the ‘fancy dress costume shop’ for men and women with a customer service team online and in the shop who will help you find the perfect outfit for the occasion. You can make any town ‘party city’ on the night of your party and you can co-ordinate your styles with your friends or simply get themed party ideas in our online store. We ship within 24 hours and shipping is free for orders over €50.

We have accessories for every fancy costume at affordable prices so there’s no excuse why your party shouldn’t rock and even shock.

Men's Costumes

You can step through time with these costumes

Become an army general from the past

Or  a space man from the future

Perfect for Halloween, Fancy Dress, etc