The High Sea

Celebrate the great legends of the High Seas with our costumes. Become a Ships Captain or a Sailor, join the navy for a night or even take to the skies as an RAF Pilot.

Have outrageous fun as a Pirate of the Caribbean or dress as a Swashbuckling Babe, don a laced bodice and hat to become sexy Ship’s Mate or assume a stern demeanour to become a Buccaneer Lady Pirate.

Smuggle Rum or wear a parrot on your shoulder. Accessorise your costume with sailor hats, eye patches and bloody swords. Dress boldly as an outlaw of the seas, conservatively in a dashing uniform or go for the sexy look with gorgeous costumes from Celebrate It.

Take to the seas with one of our great nautical Costumes, Swashbuckling Pirates, Strict Marines and good olde Naval Officers. So now you can look like a burly sailor or a regal officer.