Why is a Child’s First Holy Communion so Special?

Holy Communion is the union with God.The family celebrates the connection between God and the child. It is the family celebratinga meal of grace and the growing relationship of a child with God. The child must understand the meaning and valueof their First Holy Communion. The ceremony is considered one of the most important steps in the religious development of Catholics and marks the start of a connection with God that will grow through their life. 

Why is a Child’s First Holy Communion so Special?

Here is a list of why the First Communion is so special for the child and their parents:

  1. Special Celebration of the Child’s Development: The First Holy Communion for boys and girls is a very significant and joyous celebration as it celebratesthe souls of children’s growth with God. The ceremonymarks the point where the child becomes aware of thegreater Catholicfaith and begins to take responsibility for their own relationship with God. It symbolizes the love of Jesus Christ and the child joining God’s family.
  2. A chance to Dress Up: It is customary for the Girls and Boys to dress up for their First Holy Communion. In beautiful white gowns, shirts and matching accessories. It can be quite exciting for them, putting together their perfect outfits to look their best for the big date.
  3. An Important Step: The First Holy Communion is one of the most sacred steps in their religious lives. It’s the first step in a relationship with God they will work on for the rest of their lives. The Ceremonywelcomes the child into their faith and onto the path to God. It helps teach the children what they need to do and the ways they can become closer to God. 
Why is a Child’s First Holy Communion so Special?
  1. A Grand Celebration: A chance for Parents to get pictures their childrendressed in perfect cute little dresses and suits. A time to invite family members together to celebrate such a joyous occasion. It’s a special time for everyone involved, bringing people closer and giving them a great day to remember for a years.

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