Where to Buy Wedding Candles & How to Decorate Your Wedding Venue With Them?

Personalised Wedding Candles

Candles lend beauty to the occasion like none other. Though they are used in an important way during the wedding ceremony, with some creativity, you can use them to decorate the venue as well. Candles lend an ethereal touch to the place when used as decorative item. They cast a lovely glow on all those who attend the event, which makes photos, come out beautifully.

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Tips for Decorating The Venue With Candles?

A grand look can be imparted to the tables by using candles as centerpieces. You would need large pillar candles for this purpose. Place such candles on a mirror plate to get a phenomenal effect when you light them. You can also place floating candles into a bowl or tray that is put on the table. Candle can be placed in candelabras to give a majestic look to the place. In order to get an unusual or rustic look, place them in a chandelier made from deer antler or branches. Wine bottles can be re-purposed into candle holders and used in the venue to bring the dramatic effect. They can also be placed inside glass spheres and hung them from the ceiling.

The feasting table can also be decorated with candles. Usually candles opted here are the ones that are put into small glasses. They are usually placed beside each dinner plate which gives a fabulous illumination to the place. Candles can also be placed into tall candle glass holders or jars. Fill the holders or jars with water and place tiny tea lights inside them. A set of such candles can be placed in any area of the venue to bring illumination and add beauty to the place.

Where to Buy Wedding Candles?

If you are wondering where to buy wedding candle look into online stores as they offer the most attractive candles at the lowest prices. You can find them in various colors and sizes. Request the store to personalise your wedding candles with a message, photo or print that you want, which can be sent to them by email.

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