Wedding Candles and Wedding Unity Candles Ireland

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Weddings are one of the most important days of a persons life, and they are steeped in tradition. Everything can be dated back to traditions such as the bride wearing white, the best man keeping the rings, the throwing of the bouquet, the list goes on. A lot of the traditions that you follow may be determined by your faith, your culture, the way you were brought up and where you live. There are many traditions that you might be starting for the first time and that will be personal to you, such as your first dance.

personalised wedding candlesThe use of wedding candles, which are sometimes also called unity candles, is becoming increasingly popular around the country. They are usually used during a wedding ceremony at the beginning of the wedding. At the start, a member or a representative of both the bride and the groom light a smaller candle and leave it to one side. Then, after some of the wedding has been done and the couple are going to say their vows, at the end of the service they each take a candle and both light a large pillar candle together, and this is their unity candle.

wedding candles onlineWedding candles are supposed to symbolise the union of two people and the joining together of two individuals and many find it a nice personal touch as well as something treasured to keep. It’s a very recent tradition but it is one that is definitely establishing itself. Some people think that it dates all the way to a time when most where pagan but it has also been used a lot in Christianity in recent years. Whilst it is not religiously significant, many faiths don’t mind it as part of a service.

If you are getting married and looking for a special way to show the joining of you and your husband or wife to be, or the joining of your families, wedding candles are well worth considering to give your day that extra little bit of meaning.

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