Unique & Unusual Fancy Dress Costume Ideas For Children

Blue Nurse Costume

It sometimes seems as if children have birthday parties and suchlike all year and it can be difficult to find a new or unusual fancy dress costume for them to wear. It’s always best to engage the child him/herself in this decision regardless of their age, it teaches them values and it strengthens the relationship between parent and child plus it gives the child an ownership in how they present themselves. Lots of learning occurs for the child in this discussion with their parent.


A child have their own ideas about what they want to wear and it’s often worthwhile browsing the web with the child to see options available and prices of individual items. You will also find lots of accessories that you may not have considered.

Seasonal Fancy Dress Costume  Ideas

Depending of course on the time of the year – occasionally season costumes take precedence over all else such as at Halloween when every second child wants to dress as a witch, a ghoul or a horror figure any description – zombies are always very popular with the pre-teen age group.

Christmas Costumes

Children like to dress as snowmen, characters from the nativity and Santa elves at Christmas time. Smaller children tend to identify or want to emulate princesses or superhero’s they’ve seen in cartoons – some become quite obsessed with popular characters and nothing else is acceptable.

Older children tend to like superhero’s or super-villains and as they grow towards pre-teens they like either grunge or girlie stuff in pink, boys of this age are often more interested in sport’s figures. All these costumes can be given a unique look with accessories, face paints, weapons, masks and wigs.

Christmas Costumes for Kids

Buy Unusual Children’s Costumes Online

Shopping online is always an option for boys costumes and girls costumes as they are usually in school or otherwise unavailable during the week or parents are at work when the children are free. The online purchasing option is very useful as the goods are delivered while parents work and children attend school.

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