Top Trending Costumes For Halloween 2018

Superhero Costumes

Every year brings its own ‘latest styles’, costume trends and fancy dress are no different. Men and women choose costumes to look sexy, debonair, comical, classical and for a myriad of other effects not least of all to shock.

superhero and super villains Costumes

Sexy Uniforms for Men & Women

Men love to dress as pilots, sailors, or characters from the old ‘Wild West’, they often like to emulate pop/rock idols such as Elvis, David Bowie or Rod Stewart, film characters such as James Bond or superhero/super-villains such as Darth Vader, Ironman, Spiderman or The Hulk.

Women love to be seen as Marilyn Monroe, Tina Turner, they like to work-out like Jane Fonda, rule their space like Cruella Deville and knock ’em dead in a sexy Burleque outfit.

Sexy Halloween Costumes for Men & Women

Costume Styles for Lip-synch

Lip-synch is the current craze in Ireland. Events are organised for fun, for fundraisers, and at home to make the party swing. The range of costumes in good costume shops is endless and well worth your while browsing to find that something special for the night. Complete the outfit with all the Halloween Accessories such as wigs, masks, hats, gloves, jewellery and weapons, walking sticks, shields etc, depending on the chosen outfit. Face paints create an amazing effect with strong colours and neons to choose from. Latex patches or painted latex and fake blood make wonderful Halloween disguise.

Halloween Accessories

Children’s Halloween Costumes

While adults love to dress up and enjoy the bewitching season, children love to do ‘Trick ‘r Treats’ from door to door in their locality, often travelling to scare their grandparents, aunts and extended family. Ghouls, witches, zombies, and clowns are their usual costume styles. Boys enjoy the shock effect and add gore and blood to this effect. Girls love to add sparkle and bling.

Children’s Halloween Ghouls, witches, zombies Costumes

They love the ‘dark’ nature of the season. While they enjoy scaring everyone they meet, they are equally pleased with their treats gathered along the way.

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