Top 5 Halloween Makeup Ideas To Try This Year

Make up Ideas

Costume makeup can be as simple as drawing whiskers on your cheeks and wearing a hairband with ears to transform you into a rabbit or a cat. You will find some very detailed makeup videos on YouTube but can do some very simple techniques yourself with just a mirror or with the help of a friend and a good palate of makeup colours.

Double Face

1- Double Face

Apply your makeup as normal and when complete…

  • Draw an eye on each cheek. Now proceed to paint these eyes as you’ve done your own – don’t forget to paint in your eyebrows.
  • Paint nostrils mid-way down your nose.
  • Paint lips on your chin.

This will certainly make most heads turn when they see you with a Double Face.

Puppet Face

2- Puppet Face

Apply your makeup as normal while masking most of your eyebrows and when complete…

  • Draw a thick dark line down from each corner of your mouth to beneath your chin to create a wooden doll effect.
  • Outline the upper part of eyebrows making them high up on the forehead.
  • Paint the lower lid of each eye with white makeup to emulate the white of your eye an paint. lower lashes – this will give you big dolls eyes.
  • Paint on rosy cheeks with a few light freckles.
  • Plait your hair behind your ears.

This will give you a wooden doll / puppet effect.

Cat Face

3 – Cat Face

  • Apply makeup to give yourself slanted eyes like a cat.
  • Paint whiskers on your cheeks.
  • Wear a headband with ears.

Scar Face

4 – Scar Face

Apply your makeup as normal and when complete…

  • Paint jagged scars diagonally across your face 4 times to emulate being scratched by long finger nails.

Spider Web

5 – Spiders Web

Apply your makeup as normal and when complete…

  • Draw a spiders web with the centre on your forehead between your eyes and down your nose.
  • Draw the long outward running silks to emphasise the shape of your face, your eyes and your mouth.

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