Tips for Hosting a Holy Communion Party for 2017

Communions and Confirmations

Planning is key to every successful party and organised preparation as a result of this planning leaves the host more relaxed and able to enjoy the event. Make lists for everything, add reminders to your phone or diary, invite your guests, order food and decorations in time, allow plenty time for both food preparation and party decoration.

First Holy Communion Parties

First Holy Communion Parties begin in late Spring and continue until early summer – that’s important in Ireland because of our unpredictable weather. Weather is generally good in Ireland in April, May and June so it’s advisable to plan an outdoor element with a contingency if it rains. Creating a party space outdoors encourages the kids outdoors and allows them to ‘let off steam’ after being confined in a formal situation for several hours previously.

Strategically placed bunches of helium inflated balloons, sparkling banners and streamers will set a scene for them to enjoy themselves while the adults can relax in the knowledge they are close by and safe. Use disposable themed party-ware, it adds a special tone to the party and makes the child feel special. It also cuts down on the work of tidying up after the party.

Ask an older cousin if they would like to ‘entertain’ the younger ones for a little while during the party. Story-telling and face-painting are always fun on these occasions and it keeps the little ones occupied and engaged. Appoint someone to supervise small children at all times, ideally through facilitating their engagement and play. Setting aside a ‘play area’ and perhaps some games for the children gives them focus and helps to ‘contain’ them.

Set an approx. end time for the party – tired children become fractious but want to continue playing and a time limit allows you to end your party on a high note rather than coping with tired children. It’s a good idea to have a small loot back for each child as they leave to return home.

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