Things to remember while planning a Hen Party

Hen Party Accessories

When you are honored by either your family member or friend to be one of the bridesmaids, the feeling is ecstatic. But then there are so many responsibilities that come with the role that you have taken up. Planning and organizing a Hen Party is one of the most essential duties that you have to fulfill. The party has to be perfect and full of excitement, after all, it will the last party for the bride-to-be, as a bachelorette.

Worry not, we have come up with a list of things that you can refer to before you plan your party which will make things easier for you. 

  1. Think ahead: One of the most important things for you to remember especially when it’s your first time planning a Hen Party is that, you plan ahead. You have so much to look after, the date of the party, venue, Party accessories, themes, etc. With so much on your plate, you should start planning for it at least a month before. This will give you enough time to think and plan everything perfectly.
  2. Guestlist: You must talk with the bride before you start making the list. Ask her who she wants to be there and make sure no such person is present that may spoil the evening for her. Send out the invitations, get their RSVP and make sure to send plenty of reminders to them making sure that they don’t forget the date. Having a definite list will help you prepare for games and food, ensuring a smooth party.
  3. Select a theme: You don’t have to go over the board with the theme and neither be simple with just balloons and sashes. You can have a middle ground and select a simple them, it can vary from a single-colored dress party to a dress up as a character. It all depends on your bride-to-be. Make sure that whatever theme you are going for is something that the bride will enjoy looking at the whole evening.
  4. Entertainment: Keeping the venue at some local place will help you a lot. It can either be indoors being it a cottage or resort or even outdoors as in a pool party. Whatever it is make sure that you have planned the evening with some games as well as other entertainments that the bride wants. Also do not miss out on food. For a perfect party, food is as important as any other entertainment.

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