Themed Decoration: Hotels, Bars, Restaurants

Halloween Dripping from the Ceiling

Everyone loves a party and what better way to get guests in the mood than to create a party atmosphere

Celebrate It are experts at ‘setting the scene’ and ‘creating the mood’ through decoration and are in constant demand by hotels, pubs & restaurants etc. during seasonal festivities

In consultation with our clients, we devise a plan for the premises, deadlines, themes, props, budget and installation which are all agreed and tailored to their needs

Leisure & Entertainment Themed Decoration

Halloween Dripping from the Ceiling
Halloween Dripping from the Ceiling

Our clients for this type of themed setting are usually bar / restaurant / hotel owners and managers

This type of decoration is designed to remain intact and in place over a period of days or sometimes even weeks, for example; Halloween & Christmas decoration or during a major series of matches such as leading up to the ‘All Ireland’ or during the ‘World Cup’ etc

The image on the right is a recent shot from an Halloween Themed Bar / Restaurant where the area was completely transformed to a goulish place of mystery and horror.  Enough to drive anyone to drink!

Kilkenny seems to have one long series of themed weekends and Celebrate It are booked well in advance for their expertise, customer service and unmatched range of themed props

Are you considering a theme for your hotel, bar or restaurant?  Contact the best in Leisure & Entertainment Themed Decoration right now for a FREE consultation

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