The Best Christmas Costumes for Children

Kids Costume

Christmas is just around the corner. It’s children’s favourite time of the year and they are eagerly anticipating the fun of dressing up in costumes, performing in nativity play’s at school, attending children’s Xmas parties and dressing just for fun in their favourite festive character.

There are a huge range of costumes available for boys and girls from tot’s right through to in-between’s with a style focus on their age. Smaller kids like furry animals such as Little Reindeer and Children’s Donkey and sparkle and shine outfits like Children’s Fairy or some of the great Disney characters like Classic Elsa.

Christmas costume for kids

School Nativity Play Outfits

Older children of school going ages are involved in school plays, nativity performances and community activities. Costumes such as Shepherd and Shining Star are always popular. Children’s Holy Mary and Children’s Jesus are used in every nativity play along with Shepherd and even some animal costumes like Donkey and Lamb.

Children’s Xmas Party Costumes

Children love to dress in costumes such as Santa, Little Elf, Dwarf Elf and Little Snowman. It puts them in the seasonal mood and they love to play with their friends while in costume.

Although Santa is historically male, there are super Santa outfits for girls, usually in red with white trimmings and the iconic black belt. They come in jumpsuit style and are also available in satin dresses for the little ‘Miss Santa’.

Older children are often more creative in their costumes and like to use makeup, beards and wigs to complete their appearance.

Whatever their choice it’s a good idea to browse online where they can see the full range of Christmas costumes for children available and the range of accessories to complete the look. They can discuss and plan with their friends to co-ordinate their looks and ensure they are all wearing something different for the festive party.

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