Spooky And Frightful Halloween Decorations

witches Halloween Decorations

Every party gets into the swing much quicker and easier when the atmosphere is set and what better way of doing this than with decorations.

It’s always a pleasure to decorate for Halloween. You just keep in mind it’s a spooky time and the scarier you make the place the better your guests will like it. View the decorating with a child’s imagination. Make a list of all the things that have scared you in the past.

Decoration Idea

Halloween Decorations to Spook and Frighten

Spiders: place them in dark corners, use cobweb material to drape across shelves.
Bats: hang them by elastic threads from the ceiling.
Colours: Halloween colours are usually dark, often black with occasional orange to lift it. Grey is also used.

Use balloons and streamers to give any foreboding setting a lift. Balloons are always gay and happy, even in a dark brooding atmosphere.

Witches and broomsticks are a major element of Halloween and witches are often accompanied by their cats.

Halloween Decoration

In many countries we celebrate the dead, Halloween is a time when the dead pass across into the ‘Otherworld’ – sometimes we may encounter them as they pass. Fake headstones and grave sites are great Halloween decorations. Ghostly cocktails with skulls to stir them delight your guests. Place ghouls and skeletons around every corner to converse with your guests as they sip their spirit drinks.

Scatter scary bat and spider confetti on the serving table and use skull printed cups and plates. Consider using red food colouring to paint ‘blood’ on some of the food and on the serving plates. Fake blood is very useful to splatter on the table cloth or elsewhere.

Candles and smoke are great to add atmosphere when decorating and you will find great holographic posters of graveyards – these are perfect for Halloween decoration.

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