Some Lip Smacking Halloween Snacks For Kids That Will Make Kids Parties Exciting And Enjoyable

halloween sandwiches

Halloween is the time for trick or treating. Kids have a fantastic time dressing up in colorful and scary costumes to liven up parties and other events. It’s also the time you can get creative and come up with smart recipes to please guests at evening parties.

Halloween Snacks For Kids

Some Interesting Quick Halloween Snacks That You Can Try Out

Most often kids need something spectacular to make them interested in eating what’s served.

Here is a look at some interesting, easy-to-do Halloween snacks for kids:

* Kids like munching on biscuits. Conjure up plain biscuits. You can opt for chocolate or butter cookies. Draw up monster faces on each of them using icing. Try out different flavored icing to make the biscuits tasty.

Another snack that kids love is cupcakes. A cupcake has a nice round surface on which you can pretty much draw up anything. Try smiles and funny shapes. You can also draw up spooky eyes or use smarties for eyes and draw a scary face using flavored icing.

Take sandwich breads and draw up skeleton figures with colored icing. Fill the inside of the figures with jam. Use orange and red colored jam and give a creepy look to the sandwich.

halloween sandwiches

Kids love to eat marshmallows so stack them up on a stick. You will get a space to draw a scary face. Use dark brown icing or gel to draw scary eyes, monster face, funky nose and mouth.

Ice cream is a must for every kid’s party. Serve the ice-cream in the form of a witch’s face and you will have kids stunned. Take a scoop, put it onto a plate and use ice-cream biscuit cone for the hat. Liquiroise lace can be cut into 2 inch length and used for hair. The jelly beans can be used for the eyes and gel for the nose and mouth.

Fruit juice is a must to be served at parties. Pour them onto a tall glass and drizzle some red coloring on the sides of the glass to make it look like blood dripping out from the glass. The coloring can be made from corn syrup by adding a red food dye.

These are some creative ideas for Halloween Snacks that will make your kids laugh while they enjoy the food at your party and there are lots more. Try them out to liven up your party.

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