Simple Activities for Adults and Children at Halloween

The clocks traditionally go back one hour on the last Saturday night in October marking the end of ‘Summer Time’ or ‘Daylight Saving Time’ this gives longer dark evenings and an it becomes bright an hour earlier in the morning. The last Monday in October is a bank holiday and children usual enjoy their mid-term break at this time.

This all gives family time for fun and celebrations. Children like to dress up in Halloween costumes – some like glamour, sparkle, lace, braid and buttons while others like to make the party seasonal with lots of blood, gore and role-play dastardly act

adult activities

Halloween Games

There are lots of great Halloween games to occupy children and parents at this time of year such as ‘Snap Apple’, ‘Apple Fishing’, ‘Pumpkin Carving’, ‘Slime Making’ from pumpkin seeds and it’s a wonderful time for families to have simple traditional fun together.

Halloween Decorations

Decorating the home with cobwebs, spiders, hints of witches in hiding such as broomsticks, evidence of ‘bad deeds’ like ‘bloody stains and hand prints’, candles placed in carved pumpkins to lead the way all mark the time of year.


Halloween Costumes and Halloween Accessories

Dressing in a great costume adds to the entertainment, the usual colours associated with Halloween are black and orange. It’s also possible to ‘get in the mood’ with clever use of Halloween accessories such as masks, wigs, witches fingers, face paints, fake blood, latex wounds, tattoo sleeves, witches hats, broomsticks and a million other fake weapons.

Although not is school, this is an opportunity for children to ‘sleep over’ in their friends house and join in their fun. Be sure to pack her / his Halloween costume and accessories.

costumes on HalloweenWhere to find that great Halloween Costume

Identify a great costume shop / online fancy dress store and check out their stock whenever possible. Having build a relationship with them it’s then easy to browse online and order your costumes and accessories ahead of time from the comfort of home. Good costume shops will happily order specials if given advance notice. Some will even personalise items for you and they will either ship to an address of your choice or you can pick them up from the store. This is an excellent service as you can set aside your costumes before they are sold out.

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