Quirky, funny and scary Halloween costume ideas for men in 2020

Halloween Costume

Halloween Costume ideas for men are so expansive due to the variety of options available. It may become quite a chore searching and deciding on the right outfit that’s best for you and for the Halloween party. Costume ideas for men for Halloween can be downright scary or funny or quirky like zombies, Dracula, skeletons, Darth Vader, Vampires, TV show characters, Sci-Fi characters, etc. There may also be generic costume ideas for men, which they could wear at fancy dress parties throughout the year. 

Whichever costume that you decide to search for, you’ll find that there are plenty of online websites and stores that take the headache out of shopping for you. You can browse through a vast variety of costumes available online for cost-effective rates and purchase any that suit your personality and preference. There is an abundance of stores selling quirky, scary and Funny Halloween Costumes in Dublin so you can take your pick to tailor your desire.

To help you further, here are some genres of costumes for men and boys that you can choose from:

Traditionally scary, male Halloween Costumes

The traditional Halloween costume is a spooky outfit that men have worn to Halloween parties. The range of costumes consists of a variety of figures like Frankenstein, Vampire or Dracula costumes or even Lord Voldemort. In modern times there are a few figures of major popularity, including a craze for Harry Potter and the Joker from the famous batman movies. A fantastic example of an outfit in the traditional selection of costumes is the zombie doctor costume which comes with props like decaying body parts, surgical scrubs and a zombie mask. You can pick matching girls or/and Boys Halloween Costumes this year for your children at Halloween.

Scary Halloween costume

Standard Costumes for men

Standard or generic costumes for men have become quite popular compared to the traditionally scary range of costumes. Standard costumes can be worn as fancy dress outfits for more than once a year. This is great value for money so they are a preferred choice.  These costumes cover a large variety of ideas but the pirate fancy dress outfits are the best known. After the huge success of Pirates Of The Caribbean trilogy, pirate costumes became largely popular with the intention related to Jack Sparrow and his gang of pirates.

Novelty or funny costume ideas for men 

If you have the ultimate outfit in mind that doesn’t fit the scary or generic genre then you are in for a surprise. You can try being pink flamingoes with your best buddy and wear a novelty costume, or you can try being a classic emu with false legs. There are EVA moulded costumes and men can dress up as women on this funny and crazy occasion. You may also decide to pick a periodic costume and dress up as a magician from the 18th century.

There are plenty of costume ideas that you can explore. Visit an online store or a local novelty store to see what ideas are available. Make your choice after plenty of research if you really want to blow some minds this Halloween.

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