Best Pumpkin Decorating & Carving Ideas for Halloween 2017

Pumpkin Decorating & Carving Ideas

Halloween Fun: Pumpkin Decorating with the Kids

The kids are off school for Halloween and can get restless or resort to playing electronic games all day and watching TV all evening.

Why not engage your children in creative activities such as pumpkin carving and painting. See our earlier blog on carving pumpkins. Some of the best ideas are often the simplest and most enjoyable for kids and gives them hours of enjoyment.

Sharp knives and little fingers are a dangerous combination so it’s best if an adult does the carving while the children add the finer touches by painting & decorating the carved gourds.

Easy, Cool DIY pumpkin decorating and carving ideas

See the following examples for ideas on pumpkin carving, painting & decorating. This is a fun project loved by little tots and older children alike and is sure to amaze and scare the living daylights out of visiting friends! I’m told most adults enjoy it even more that the kids.

Sick Pumpkin

painted pumpkins

painted pumpkins

The little ones can use forks to shred the flesh of the pumpkin after it’s carved to make it sick. Celebrate It have a very large selection of Face Paints which the children can safely use to paint faces on uncarved pumpkins similar to painted pumpkins

and add wigs – see our selection of wigs & beards.

Be sure to check out our battery operated tea-lights and pumpkin lights that will give the carved pumpkins a spooky effect and are much safer for children to use than traditional candles.

Pumpkin Seeds

Get your little ones involved in washing, drying and painting the pumpkin seeds to make pumpkin-seed bracelets and necklets. The dried pumpkin seeds can also be used in Witch & Zombie card and craft-making.

Make your child’s holiday special and memorable this Halloween by getting involved in their spooky activities.

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