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Hen Party

The Wedding is drawing near, which means there is something very important to plan – The Hen! All of the important girls in a bride-to-be’s life come together to celebrate her upcoming nuptials. It is a fabulous event which allows all the ladies to get to know one another and for the Bride to feel really special amongst her nearest and dearest. Hen parties have been around a very long time and as a consequence, have become synonymous with many traditions. However, many modern parties like to do something a bit different to the norm so it’s a memorable occasion for all.

There are lots of ways to put your own stamp on a Hen night. One great place to start is by choosing a theme. A theme can be based on the Bride’s interests, your interests as a group or perhaps you just want to choose something fun or girly. Some of the most popular themes include Festival, Sailors or the traditional L-plates and hot pink. You can really choose anything and make it your own, such as the Bride’s favourite movie. Tying together a theme can be easily done by choosing matching accessories for the gang such as Personalised T-shirts or sashes, badges or hair accessories. If you have chosen a theme, pick a colour scheme that will enhance the look and ask the attendees to dress accordingly. For example, if you choose festival as a theme ask the hens to show up in colourful, festival-appropriate gear. This will add another element of fun and creativity which the guests will love.

Even if you don’t settle on a theme, matching accessories are a great way to make everyone feel involved, while also making sure nobody gets lost! Personalised t-shirts have been popular with Hen parties for many years, and it’s easy to see why. This allows everyone to stand out as a hen party, without having to put much thought into their outfits. T-shirts can be personalised with photos or text, so there are lots of options available. For example, you could choose to print a photograph of the hen along with her name, the destination and date. Or perhaps you would like to include her married name such as “Future Mrs Smith”. Some Hen parties prefer to customise their t-shirts with text only and to include each of the Hen’s name so everyone gets their own personalised T-shirt. Another great alternative to this is funny nicknames, which can also be created to match the theme if you’re really clever! These are a great keepsake for the Hens to remember the fun that was had, and there are lots of alternatives if a T-shirt is too much. Personalised Sashes and Badges are great options as it allows the girls to wear whatever they like, while still matching accessories. Sashes can be personalised with text, while badges can include photos too.

Either of these options will make sure you plan the perfect Hen Party, so don’t stress too much and enjoy the fun!

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