Personalized Communion Candles and Other Favor Ideas

personalized communion candle favors

Are you looking for some great favor ideas for a special day, such as, personalized Communion candles? These are great yet not the only choices that you can make for this unique occasion. Whether you are holding a party for a girl or boy, you only need to be creative and think out of the box to make your favors stand out and make the impression you desire.


personalized communion candle favors

Here are some of the most popular choices that people make.

Personalized cookies

Nothing beats personalized gifts to make the occasion special and worth remembering. With such kind of favors, you will do something to make people remember the day. Personalized cookies means you can consider all kinds of shapes and sizes beautifully gift-wrapped and decorated with the name of the child written with icing upon the surface.

Candy tins

Decorative candy tins with personalized messages in the name of the child along with the date are highly popular for Communion Day celebration. These tins can be as small or big as you desire. Any local store will have them made to order when you purchase them in bulk.


Another popular choice of course is delicious chocolates and you can choose them in any variety you want, such as, milk, white, or dark. Gift wrapped and beautifully presented chocolates are a hit with everybody be it someone young or old. If you can, go for an assortment, so that everybody can have their favorites.


T-shirts with a photo of the child, of the event or an interesting message are another great favor idea popular with the party organizers. Colorful T-shirts with different designs or photos as a reminder of the special event will be a great keepsake for the receivers.

holy communion decorations

Other options

Besides the ubiquitous candles, you can also go for delicious cakes, personalized mugs, religious pendants, chains, bookmarks, water bottles, boxes, vases and photo frames with quotes. To know more you can search for items online on various prominent websites that offer party supplies for different occasions including the Communion such as, ‘Celebrate It’.

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