Personalised Printed Banner Make Your Party Special

Personalised Banner

Printed Banners are a super idea. They indicate the organiser gave thought and time to the little details of the party and they are a talking point for guests. Banners are great fun and printed banners, especially if they have photos of the guest of honour from back through the years is a blast.

Banners come in many sizes and it’s simple to create your own poster online. Most good banner printing retailers provide resources on their website where you can create your own banner, upload your own images and add your own text from a choice of fonts, colours and styles.

Personalised Printed Banner

Personalised Birthday Banners

Printed birthday banners are delightful, especially with a selection of photo’s from earlier life – babyhood, school days, growing up, social events with friends etc. are added. These make a perfect focal point on a wall during the celebration, guests are reminded of moments they shared in earlier years and there are many different sizes to choose. Naturally, the larger the poster the more photos you can fit on it.

Banners for all Occasions

Create a personalised printed banner for any occasion, anniversary, awards ceremony, sporting event, retirement, hen night, stag night, charity or cause. Businesses can use their logo and company colours in banners for promotional events.

Printed Banner Quality

The one thing to remember when creating a poster is the quality of the image used. The larger the printed image, the better the quality of the file required. The rule of thumb is 300 dpi (dots per inch) and while an image may look great on your screen at 72 dpi that is more that 3 times less that is required for printing. This is particularly relevant to anyone viewing an image on a phone. The screen is small and quality looks great, this image may not result in a good quality print.

If you are in any doubt about the quality of your images, it’s best to speak to the printer. Most towns have retails who print quality posters. Call them or drop in to their shop. Bring along old photos which can be scanned to the required quality and they will advise you on both layout and resulting quality.

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